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I’m Here

Where have you been?


What did you do?


Why have I not written?  Good question.  I’m not sure I could give anyone a satisfactory answer.  I just know I haven’t been writing or much of anything, other than working.

I know I haven’t cleaned my house because there seems to be so much cat hair it’s even making the cats sneeze.

I have finished my first ever pair of socks.

Much to my surprise and to the amusement of my knitter’s group,  the 2nd sock turned out just like the 1st with the same twisted toe.  They have been worn, once,  because the weather turned warm rather abruptly the same week I finished them but they are generally satisfactory in spite of the weird toe.   I’m calling the technique  Pat’s Tragic Toe.

I now know what caused it to twist around like that.  The lovely and talented Nell  took one look at it an immediately saw that I had failed to increase evenly- the instructions were for 4 double points and since I was using magic loop I only increased 1 stitch at the beginning of each needle- 2 increases.   If I had been using 4 needles I would have had 4 increases per row.

It would make an interesting top of a hat and I’m now pondering Christmas knitting with that in mind.

Christmas knitting?  Are you out of your mind???

I have stared another pair:  On Hold Socks also out of the toe up book.  I am using a Numma Numma sample/seconds/experiment yarn I got at the knitting Christmas party.  Cotton merino blend in  a very pretty color and it knits up beautifully but I don’t think Numma Numma is planning on carrying it as a regular item.

So far, no tragic toe, although I did have to start over because the sock was going to fit over both my feet.

Other than the new socks, (because socks don’t count,right?)  I am resolved to finish some things before I move on to anything new.

You mean like cleaning your house, right?

I was referring to knitting projects, but yes, I really can’t postpone cleaning any longer.

I would like to share some haiku inspired by my meditation practice.  I have put them on a new page of the blog for anyone who is interested.


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