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Here I Am Again

Yes, I am now at home in Atlanta. I think I’m over my jet lag…  only yesterday I couldn’t get out of bed and walked around in a fog all day at work so maybe it’s just now getting to me …or maybe you just stayed up too late the night before?

I have not been getting around to read everyone’s blog because, well, I still have the same internet problem I had when I left. I don’t know why I thought it might improve while I was gone but then I have issues with reality sometimes.  I have not been blogging myself because I get pooped time out waiting for pages to load on WordPress.

Besides my internet and my ongoing cell phone issues and having to put my PDA out to pasture,  my watch stopped.  It’s some kind of fancy Danish thing and the manufacturer recommends sending if off to a authorized service center to have the battery replaced.   Thankfully, this is not in Denmark but Nevada.  I am now phone less, PDA less, watch less, and Internet challenged. All of which will be remedied soon I hope.  If the post office doesn’t lose my watch, I can decipher the fine print in the wireless service agreement, and the Lord willin’ and the creek dont rise.  This isn’t as absurd as it sounds- it has rained every evening since I got back.

I’d like to share a few last pictures of Sacramento:

Which has a lot of truly unique places and architecture.

and one of the best things about California besides foggy beaches and hunky firemen:

Everything is recyclable.


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Cue drum roll

Ladies and Gentlemen, please turn your attention to the center ring.  The Amazing Knitting Guru herself is preparing to perform a most dangerous and difficult feat.   

Please, we must ask for complete silence while she prepares herself because, ladies and Gentlemen, she is now going to saw cut a leg warmer in two.

Can she do it?  It doesn’t seem possible,  does it?  

Watch carefully folks as she frogs the piece back to 9′ tall.  Now she’s putting half the stitches on a holder….  She’s picking up the stitches on the other half….. and knitting a ribbed edge… Now she’s casting off… on to the other side…  Did you see that?  She used the sewing machine and sewed lengthwise up the  piece either side of the split.

Now….. drum roll…..  She’s cutting the whole thing into 2 pieces.   TA DA!

and the crowd goes wild.

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Why Yes, I do Knit

I do knit sometimes, really, I do.  Only not so much this season at the circus.  I don’t know why- I usually accomplish a lot while I’m here.  Of course, sometimes the accomplishment is more in the nature of discovering that no I can’t knit something that way but I could start over and do it  the way the pattern says to do it another way.  

Anyway, last year, I completed a scarf, a hat, knitted both fronts of a sweater and 1/2 a sleeve, and made about 2 ft of progress on my endless scarf.

This year I have completed this:

Which was mostly knitted on the plane on the trip here.

I also started this:

Not much for 6 or so weeks of knitting, wouldn’t you say?  Although I do claim some brownie points as it’s a Christmas gift.

Then there is this monstrosity item which I somehow agreed to, in part, because the person who asked me to do it thinks I am some kind of knitting guru.  (You can stop laughing now, OK?)   This is what I get for  preaching the glories of knitting even if I am flattered.  

 So what is it?  It’s a leg warmer for  a cat or more specifically, a leg warmer for an actor in the show Cats.  Only my gauge came out a just a bit different from my swatch.  Instead of fitting the 16″ around leg that it is meant for – it measures more like 21″ and well, this circus doesn’t really have any elephants.  At least, none that are performing in Cats.  (There are sometimes a lot of large elephants lurking in the room, being ignored, but that is a whole other matter)

I am now going to attempt a feat of daring do and steek it.  Yes, I am going to stitch up either side of the middle, cut it in half and make 2 arm warmers out of it.  Then I just have to knit 2 new properly sized leg warmers before I leave on Wednesday.  I can do that, right?  I’m a knitting guru.

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I went to eat a quick lunch in between my fittings and discovered there was no orange tote bag with lunch, water, and snacks tucked away in it’s usual spot under my work table.  No siree.  Not even after  I dug all the way to the back of the shelf behind the bits of fabric and patterns.  No lunch.  Not enough time between fittings to run out for something.

Now you know you didn’t need those calories anyway.  Look at how much you ate yesterday.

On the yesterday in question I had lunch in Berkeley with a friend.  Delicious, decadent lunch, wine, and dessert.  Plus a visit to Lacis where I got up close and personal with some exquisite Edwardian clothes and made a few… a few?  Is that what you call a few??  purchases at Stone Mountain and Daughter.  It was while I was there, pulling bolt after bolt of fabric off the shelves trying to decide among several choices, that my phone rang.  I fumbled in my bag.  The phone kept eluding my grasp.  I dropped several bolts on the floor.  I dumped most of my  purse contents out on top of the fabric.  I still couldn’t find the phone though I could hear it taunting me.  I missed the call.  Once I had the troublesome little bugger phone in my hands, I put it in my pocket with my keys so as to be handy when it rang again.  Then I tidied up, bought one of everything made my purchase and ran off , car keys in hand to save my car from the meter maid.

Then getting on the expressway back to Sac… I realised… OMG… I spent all my cash in Berkeley and I wouldn’t have anything to pay the toll with at the Carquinez bridge.  !@#$%  I turned around and headed for an ATM.  Which, maddeningly were all on the other side of the street in what was now rush hour traffic.

Having finally obtained the necessary, I crawled home accompanied by every commuter between San Francisco and Vacaville  …and I certainly hope that toll taker in his little booth really appreciated how much I went thru to  hand him that $20 he didn’t even look twice at… Once there, I reached in my pocket for my keys and there were none.  I checked my bag.  I dumped my bag out on top of my fabric, again.  I checked the car.  I checked my pockets again. I wondered where I was going to sleep.  I was able to get a second set from the Production  Manager.  Bless her,  20 minutes later she would have been at the show and unavailable.

Next morning, I planned carefully for a day of fittings and then left the fruits of my plan on the counter.  

No lunch for the scatterbrained

I made do with 2 big cookies from the shop stash of treats.

Which you really didn’t need.

and a huge ripe peach I bought that morning in the open air farmer’s market in the park.

See, everything turned out just fine.  Yeah?  You try to do fittings all afternoon on a 2 cookie sugar rush.

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