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Don’t you think you should go to bed now?

Leave me alone, I’m busy.

It’s midnight and you have to work tomorrow.

So what?  This will only take a minute.  I just need to find 3 more things.

Not that one, though.  It doesn’t really match the cool item in the left hand corner.  Maybe if I do a search for…

Stop That!  You’re obsessed and your eyes are strained from staring at too many images.

But I’m almost done. Then I can save it and go to bed.

Oh look, wouldn’t that lime green bauble make a great start for a line up of lime green things?  When I’m done with the space age layout I could do a lime green one…

No, you can’t.  You have to go to bed.

I have a new obsession.

What’s new about that?  You’re always obsessed about something.  One  week it was having to reschedule Jury Duty because they wanted you to come while you were going to be in California.  Then it was craziness at work, then it was having to go to Jury Duty now in the midst of craziness at work….  The list is endless. 

Ok, so I dodged the bullet on that one- they released everyone early that day and the work craziness will be over soon because the show has to open and I’m going to California for a different sort of crazy… and meanwhile I really like doing this even if it is a big time suck at least I’m not watching bad TV reruns, OK.

I’ve become fascinated with making Treasuries on Etsy.  This is where one finds things for sale on Etsy that can be grouped  together around a common theme- color, for example, or Romance, or Father’s Day.  Sometimes several things will leap out and demand to be put together.  Sometimes it’s harder.  Two things may look great together but not go with anything else, or there are too many possibilities,  or the last 3 items are impossible to find.

So instead of  a new blog or Facebook page devoted to my Etsy store I’m going to start posting my treasuries- as a footnote- the way I used to post what music fit best with my posts on my old Live Journal blog.

So here is this week’s treasury.  I’m particularly fond of it. You can see why I find it soothing to stay up too late obsessing over pictures of Zen Gardens instead of Jury Duty.

I’m pondering, but not obsessing, what knitting to take with me to California.  My sock has reached the point where I need to decide what sort of heel I want to attempt.  I can try to figure that out and start it while I’m still near my knitting friends so that if I get into a muddle I can get help… and probably obsess a bit about the whole thing or I could just put it on a holder and start the other sock.  Hmmm…


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I have been given to understand that having established an Etsy store, I need to promote it by starting a blog devoted to my creative process.  Really?  My creative process?  In my case that mostly involves trying to use up all the bits and pieces of stuff I have accumulated over the years in some  form that someone else might want to use or find beautiful. I’m doing this because it is about time for me to recoup my original investment in all the fabric, beads, lace, odd bits, and junk I’ve collected.  I’d like to do that  before someone else has to clean it up and clear it out.  It’s recycling for profit.  I think I just said everything I need to say about it so how is there enough content to support a blog?

I am also supposed to  start a Facebook Fan page so I can keep everyone updated on what’s new in the store and really, I should be Tweeting everyday to promote myself as the best thing since sliced bread.

I am also supposed to be doing all this to promote my writing career too.  Publishing excerpts from my stories or writing a few just for the blog/fan page, promoting myself as an AUTHOR, generating a buzz so that when I do find an agent, get published, or publish myself on the internet, I will already have a following- of people who have never read more than a smattering of my work.  What’s more,  if I do all that, when will I write, query agents, edit manuscripts and the other business of writing?  Social media might smooth the path but it isn’t going to do the work.

I can barely keep up with this blog and I am supposed to start 2 more?  Plus 2 Facebook pages, etc, etc. I know there are people out there who manage to do this but I don’t believe I could be one of them.  Especially since I can’t  figure out how to get pictures from my store to show up in the sidebar of this blog.

I am also, unfortunately, clueless as to how one blog, page, idea, person gets noticed over the sea of blogs, pages, ideas, and people out there.  Doesn’t make me a good candidate to become the next big thing sweeping the internet, now does it?

Recently the big idea sweeping the internet was the end of the world  supposedly scheduled for May 21.  It came and went and we are all still here.

I am not to sure about that myself.  I may have been swept into a an afterlife or maybe a alternate reality because  I am doing something I never thought I would do.  I am knitting socks.

Lorna’s Laces, Shepherd Sock Multi, color:  Gold Hill.  The pattern is Dead Simple Lace socks from Socks from the Toe Up.  I used a Turkish cast on because I wanted to eliminate a seam at the toe which is the worst thing about manufactured socks.  It took me something like 15 tries before I felt like I could live with the result.  But then I discovered a few rows in that I had done something weird though and it twists oddly.  None of my knitter friends can figure out exactly what I did.   Since my toes are a little pointy it fits my foot fine so I am not restarting to fix it.  If I can reproduce it (fat chance) for the other sock I may have invented a new pointy toe cast on.

Summer is here even if the calendar says not yet.  It is sweltering outside.  I have turned the air conditioning on- the brain numbing heat was too much for my frugal instincts.  The peaches are here too.

Can the fireflies be far behind?

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