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No I haven’t migrated to Korea.  My next door neighbors this summer in Sacramento, who are not Asian, put this up to separate their walkway from the courtyard of my building.  This makes more sense than it appears because the neighbors are doing work on the walkway and Sacramento is very multi-cultural.  Since the neighbors are from some former Soviet bloc country and their English is a bit skimpy, I’m not sure if the store was out of caution tape in some other language or if they just thought that it only came this way.  Either way it makes me happy that one can purchase caution tape in multiple languages in an American city and everyone still understands why it’s there.

I am trying to focus on things that make me happy right now.  The opera is very needy right now and I am working just as hard on a single opera as I did last year at this time on 3 jobs.  It feels like it will never end and I will just go on and on doing Carmen and waiting for the election to be over forever.  This too shall pass, I know, but meanwhile, a few other things that make me happy:

My local high school has a community garden.  The students grow vegetables and flowers, compost, weed, and all the other things it takes to have a great garden.  The vegetables are available for needy families and the work counts toward the students community service requirement.  Win/win

Then there’s this:

I started a new project.  I’m calling the Runway Sweater because it’s just an oversized tee but outside of Ravelry and Knitty, I’ve only seen them in the fashion rags, usually coming down a runway and costing $$$$.  The yarn is Lisa Souza Polworth silk, color “Wild Things”.   I was hoping that with big needles, size 11, in garter stitch, I could get the whole sweater out of 1 skein, but I was forced to admit part way that there was no way and ordered another skein.  The yarn is quite beautiful and has a lovely hand.


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Back to Where We Left Off

The definition of an addiction is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.  Clearly I am not addicted to blogging because I haven’t  done any in over a year.  But I am back for more and still hoping for better results.

I could come up with a ton of excuses as to why I haven’t written in over a year but the truth is:  I just didn’t.

I puzzled over this as I collapsed on the sofa with junk  comfort food every evening.  Why?  I kept asking myself.  Can I not get somethings made for my Etsy store, or do some writing, or at least sweep up the cat hair?  Well, it turns out, that I just didn’t because, duh,  for most of last year I had a 2nd job and from time to time a 3rd.  I finally clued in that this was the source of my lackadaisical attitude toward my non work life in May.   Just in time to head to California and work just as hard on 1 job.

I do rather have an addiction to costume shops.  It doesn’t seem to be curable.

To pick up where we left off:  When last we heard from our heroine, there was still a scorpion loose in my apartment.  To continue this story we must travel back to August of 2011.

I returned home after my usual summer.  My flight got in late and by the time I got home it was almost midnight.  I took a little time to decompress with a cup of herb tea and the more interesting bits in the stack of mail.  I was feeling a bit blurry around the edges and thinking I should get my nightie and other necessities out of my bag when I glanced over at the living room wall.

There it was, in plain sight, boldly flaunting itself, on the wall.  It looked just the same as it had back in April when it crawled out of the coffee jar.  So much for a 3 month life expectancy.

This time though, it was within reach.  I grabbed a glass from the kitchen and a paper towel.  I put the glass over the scorpion, slid the towel between the glass and the wall.  The beastie went crazy under the glass.  It was moving so fast it was a faint orange blur – no wonder it had disappeared so quickly after the  first sighting.

I took it outside and shook the glass into the yard, hoping it wouldn’t decide to run up my arm instead.  I don’t know where it is but I hope it’s very happy in the great outdoors and doesn’t ever plan to visit my house for old time sake.

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