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This of course, would be the picture for December.

December what?

December’s picture on the calendar I’m planning.

Tell me why exactly are you planning a calendar again?

Well, Christmas isn’t that far away- 86 more days.  I was thinking…..

Christmas! OMG!  Knitting, gifts, tree, cards,  hyperventilating, need to lie down…..

It’s the end of September.  I did it again.  Blog everyday.


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Another Pin Up

I think this might be February:

The weather has finally become fallish.  Yay!

It’s been raining a lot too, though and it’s still not cold, just cooler.

I need to switch my closets- pack up the summer stuff and get out the scarves and sweaters- but I’m really not available this week for anything much besides opera and I have a sneaky suspicion I might need some light weight things a bit longer.

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I can’t be here tonight.  I’d like to be but I’m in dress rehearsals.  Then I’m going to sleep.

Tomorrow I get to rinse and repeat.  And the next day.

Then I think I’m going to need a little attitude adjustment therapy.  This show makes my head spin around so much that  I am perpetually dazed and confused.

Problem is,  I can’t decide if I need to call a shrink, a masseuse, or an exorcist.

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Dear Bob,

I’m so sorry we couldn’t do more for you.  I hope where ever you are that they make you welcome.

A few weeks ago I lost an old friend.  I’m getting to the age where that happens.  This time though it wasn’t expected even if it was understandable.  I have to respect his choice but it’s a very sad one all the same.

Tonight members of the local theatre community gathered to remember him.  I want to remember his wry smile and his fair mindedness.  I also want to remind myself:  “No man is truly alone who has friends”.*

Frank Capra

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To Hop or Not

Hey, wake up- Shop Hop started yesterday.  Time to go score some yarn and free patterns and support your local yarn shops.

Dress rehearsals next week, must do life maintainance today.  Must wash dishes.  Must sweep floor.  Must get some sleep. Must clear papers and crap off table.

Don’t you want to buy yarn?  Don’t you want a crack at winning something?  Remember last year you won a $50 gift certificate.  Could happen again and with dress rehearsals next week today is the day you have to if you’re gonna.

Must water plants.  Must go out walking before my legs atrophy.

You could walk down to the yarn store in Decatur.  Then you could hit a couple of the other stores- like the one next to the yummy bakery.  You could buy bread in the same trip.  It will save time, right?

I don’t really have time right now.  I shouldn’t spend the money and I certainly don’t need to eat an entire loaf of bread by myself.

Well maybe not all at one time, but fresh bread….mmmmmm yummy.

….Although,  I do need a couple of things for Christmas projects….

See, it’s OK, even admirable- staring projects early, maybe winning some free yarn.

Must get gas and clean my windshield.

There you go- you have to go out anyway.

Yarn? Cleaning? Yarn? Cleaning?  Guess who won?

Yes, but I’m not allowed to notice the dust bunnies kitties until next weekend.

I have a new project started:

A hat with a pattern of spiral yarn overs.  I’m using Lana Gatto Everest in a nice blue tweed which I got from a friend who was destashing.  I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen when I start to decrease for the top but I’m sure it will turn out somehow. I have faith.

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Working today, back tomorrow.

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Dear Body;

or perhaps I should address this to your internal clock this or who ever it is that’s  responsible for this:

4 am again, really? What’s up with that?  Don’t you realize I have dress rehearsals next week?  I will have a very hard time getting you home safely when I leave  the theatre at 11 pm if you have gotten me up at 4.  If I run the car into a ditch or wander into the wrong lane it will be all your fault.

Enough is enough.  Time to stop this and get back on track.

Why did you post a random picture?

I was hoping it would remind me of the sound of the waves and maybe that would soothe me to sleep.

Try Brahms.

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