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I just saw Julie and Julia last weekend.  Frankly I thought Julie was a little obsessed.

This falls into the “It takes one to know one” category as I can be a little obsessive myself.

No !@#$, Sherlock.  You’ll be lucky if you can get this month’s to do list done in 3 months… and you have a story to edit and novel #2 and Christmas projects…

Then I was working away on my spiral  hat:

I was feeling very clever about figuring it out all by myself while ignoring the prickling on the back of my neck sense that surely someone else must have devised a pattern for this.  I was not quite sure how to accomplish the decreases for the top so I checked Ravelry.

Sure enough, there’s a pattern for this.  The yarn over/rib is worked slightly differently which allows for a prettier finish at the top but the basic idea is the same.  It’s a Berroco pattern: Dizzy

This makes perfect sense to me because Norah Gaughan designs for Berroco and even if she didn’t personally design this pattern, her esthetic is evident in many of the Berroco patterns.

Norah Gaughan is my Julia Child.  Every time I knit something out of  my own head that seems a little unusual, free form, or organic, I usually discover after the fact that Norah Gaughan has a pattern for it.  When I am hunting thru the Ravelry data base her things always call out to me.

I saw a photo of her studio and it was perfect.  My dream studio, lots of natural light and windows, nice view, big long table in the center of the room- big enough to have stacks of  books on it and still have room to work, big enough to paint at one end and do something cleaner at the other.  Lots of file cabinets and places to keep track of ideas and materials.

She favorited one of my projects on Ravelry- I was thrilled.  I wrote her a thank you.

So would it be really crazy and obsessive to knit a year’s worth of Norah Gaughan?


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