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I no longer qualify as the person who has Christmas under control.  I don’t shop in August/September so that all I have to do Thanksgiving weekend is package everything for mailing the following week.  I don’t make my own cards anymore (in September!).    I don’t even really send any.  I send ecards for Thanksgiving because that is beginning of the season and I still like to get some things out-of-the-way early.  (load address book on to card site, hit send)  Plus it has the advantage of being better for the environment and more sensitive toward  those who don’t celebrate Christmas.  I don’t spend the month of October making fruitcake and tending it carefully with frequent applications of bourbon anymore either.  Nor do I make handmade ornaments, stuffed teddy bears, pajamas for my my entire family and cute hand painted boxes.

I still make a few homemade gifts, truffles for the people I work with, and some knitted items that I can actually get done before Christmas usually for people I am actually spending the holiday with.

I don’t cut my own 10ft tree, whittle it down to ceiling height, and then use the leftovers  to festoon the house.  I don’t have room.  It takes me maybe an hour to put up my 24″ artificial tree with (ok, so they are handmade) felt ornaments.

What this means is that I have failed for yet another year to do my shopping early.  I will be joining the ranks of all the other organizationally challenged who find themselves out this weekend trying to score some bargains.  Just, ok, not on Friday, please don’t make me go on Friday and please let me find everything in my little downtown stores so I don’t have to go to the mall.


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just a random thought…

My life is still being held hostage to NaNoWriMo but since I am writing an adventure/romance story I find myself with lots of questions.  I’m busy fleshing out my characters and their world and details pop up that aren’t properly part of the story but make me wonder things like:

How to adventure heros get their laundry done?  They rush from place to place, getting clues, saving people, and saving kittens.  They never seem to stop and once the story is set in motion they don’t ever go home.  By the end of the story when they finally get together with the girl aren’t they a little stinky?  Wouldn’t she turn her nose up and tell him to go take a bath first?

There’s also the question of clothes.  What he’s wearing is the easy part.  I want to know if when the heroine’s kindly Aunt Betty offers him a safe place to sleep for the night or when he collapses from sheer exhaustion- all that running around- in the abandoned shed on the edge of the old mine:  Does he he strip down or leave his clothes on so he can run off to save the day when the bad guys show up?

And when the bad guys do show up and rouse him from deep sleep, how the !@#$ does he manage to jump to his feet  and know exactly what’s going on?  Especially after having slept in his clothes?  It’s all I can manage to do to feed my cats- who are very vocal about their needs in the morning- before I’ve had coffee.  Wouldn’t he be muddle headed?  Wouldn’t the bad guys, who probably slept in a real bed and have had their coffee, have the advantage?

To paraphrase Mark Twain:  Nothing slows a writer down as much as having to fiddle with the character’s clothes.

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Wait!”   She said desperately,  “I have forgotten to blog.”  She stopped so suddenly that her companion, running behind her, ran into her toppling them both to the ground.

“What was that?”   He said. “blog?  How could that possibly matter at a time like this?  The Russian mob is after us and you want to stop and blog?”  He pushed himself up and reached down to help her up.

“My readers are expecting something from me.  I need to bring everyone up to date”

“If we don’t get a move on there won’t be anything to report but our obituaries,”  he growled.

He flattened himself against the wall and  whispered, “Stay back, maybe they won’t see us”

“Cover me,” she said and pulled out her magic device.

“It will just take a minute,” she said as she fumbled in the dark alley.

“That’s what you always say,”  he sighed.

It’s NaNoWriMo time again and well, I’m a little preoccupied with some new friends characters  but I didn’t want everyone to think I’ve forgotten about my blog.

October was supposed to be about completing things so I could move on to new stuff in November.  I did finally finish my vest:

Yes, it’s a little blury, I think I was running from one thing to another so fast I didn’t wait for the picture to take before I moved on to the next thing.

I also finished several hats for the charity project at my LYS, cast on for one of several Christmas projects and a long term project for me,  and started  couple of non knitting projects.

I still have a lot of other things dangling that I should have finished by now and I’m hopeful, really hopeful that I can do it all but now that I’ve added 1667 words a day to the mix…

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