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Yes, this is my actual blog.  In case you were wondering.  It could be virtual I suppose but I don’t really deal with the virtual world much.  Unlike some apparently.  Which must be why the owners of this place in Berkeley thought they had to make it really clear.  “not just another wifi hotspot”

The highlight so far of my first week was a day trip  Berkeley in search of fabric and other supplies which included a lovely lunch in the sunny garden behind La Note on Shattuck Ave.

Berkeley looks a little different than it did when I lived there but many things stay the same after all:

My housing this year has none of the charm of my apartment from last year , nor does it have the swanky amenities of the year before.  It is adequate  but dull.  The internet works- my pictures load faster but web pages are slower than at home.  There are kitchen items but just the bare minimum.  I borrowed a pillow from someone in the shop because the giant king sized ones on my bed are worn out and lumpy.  The most amusing thing about it is that the tiny dishwasher has a sign posted on it that says to conserve water please don’t run the washer unless there are 10 items in it.  I counted 1 plate, 2 cereal bowls, 2 plastic mixing bowls, 2 pots, and a collander.  There are not 10 items that could need washing and if there were they wouldn’t all fit in the washer.

I have the entire weekend off before the madness starts on Monday (1st fitting, 8:50 am).  I’m probably going to sleep the entire time as I caught some horrid coughing, running nose, sore throat thing.  I’m blaming the airlines.


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Fireflies and watermelon are the 2 things I miss most in California.  The climate there isn’t great for either one and while I can get  a weak version of watermelon there, fireflies are non-existent.

There haven’t been a lot of fireflies here in the past few years either-  pollution, insecticides, and the drought haven’t been kind to them.

So I have been on the watch for them-  hoping to catch a glimpse before I leave  the steamy South for a drier climate.  Up until 2 days ago, the only thing I saw outside at night was the biggest cockroach I have ever seen- really, it was a good 5 inches long- scurrying down the street like zombies were after it.  Then 2 days ago, I started my evening walk a little later than usual and as I was passing a small park near the Marta tracks I noticed that there were fireflies under the trees, lots of them.  I think they must have been attracted to the flashing yellow lights along the tracks.  So last night, even though I have a huge to do list that never gets any shorter no matter how many things I cross off, I sat on the bench in the dusk until it got too dark and too full mosquitoes and just watched fireflies.  I won’t miss the giant cockroaches and clouds of mosquitoes while I’m away.

I had a knitting agenda for California that was contingent on finishing  some items before I left.  I have to pack up the things I am shipping ahead today, including the knitting projects  I don’t need on the plane, and guess what?  My plan needs a bit of revision.

You’re really surprized by this?

I was sure I could finish the Merlot scarf and my sweater vest before I left.  This is my sweater vest today:

Note that 1 armhole is finished and 1 is not.  I don’t know if I’ll get it done before I leave.  Because picking up stitches to knit across is just a bit more fiddly than I have the patience for just now.

I don’t want to take it with me- it’s now a bit large to be comfortably portable and if I don’t want to pick up stitches here, I really won’t want to at the circus.  I am afraid if I don’t finish it now though it will be a UFO- forever taking up space in the bottom of my stash. It keeps nagging at the edges of my agenda begging for attention.

Math, it’s just some math.  So do it already.

Yeah?  Then who will do the other stuff on my list?

Your to do list makes my head hurt.  You could just pick it up and finish it right now.

Really?  It makes my head hurt too and trying to finish the vest in the minimum possible time will make it hurt more.

But what will happen to the poor little vest, shunned and put away for the summer….


Ok, ok, I’m letting go of it…  but….

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