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Last weekend I was rewarded for successfully completing my mission at the circus with not 1 but 2 days off.  I was able to justify this by arranging to pick up some things for the shop from a shoe repair supply in San Leandro.  I’ve never, that I remember anyway, been to San Leandro but it’s not very far from Berkeley and I could easily combine business with pleasure.

I looked up where I was going online.  I charted my course.  Once on the road I realized that an industrial supplier might not be open on a Saturday.  I called.  I got a fax.  I thought:  Ok so I maybe wrote the number down wrong?  What the hell.  I should go anyway.  It will be an adventure.

I went to San Leandro and there, in between a run down neighborhood of older tiny houses and a swanky yacht club, was a small industrial area.  The shoe supplier however, was no where to be found.  There was another business at that location and it was closed.

I headed back toward Oakland and Berkeley.  I was about to get back on the expressway when I saw:  an Eileen Fisher outlet store.  It turns out there are just a few in the entire US and one of them just happens to be in San Leandro.

Now before I became a knitter, I saved up every year to buy myself 1 Eileen Fisher sweater.  I could only ever afford 1 and I would haunt the stores in the Fall trying to decide which color I wanted most.

I don’t do that anymore.  I don’t do that anymore because I somehow can’t seem to come up with the money.  I suspect this has something to with needing to buy yarn but I haven’t actually proved this theory.  It could also be because I have sweaters waiting to be knit and/or finished but that’s another matter altogether.

The people who saw me turn across 3 lanes of traffic to get to the store are probably still in shock and muttering “I can’t believe she did that”.

So, it turned out to be an excellent adventure  after all.  I have a new sweater and a new pair of pants to show for it.  Plus, of course, the fabric I bought in Berkeley but shhhhh… some of that is for gifts.

I have finished the Scarf Cowl in Bugga.

I picked up the Merlot scarf to resume work on it.  Finished 1 lace repeat.  Broke one of my knit picks wooden needles.  I have other needles the correct size with me but, well, they’re bamboo ones with blunt tips.  I  want my nice sharp Harmony ones for lace work.  I gave up.  I ordered more.

While I’m waiting I used my useful, just not for lace, bamboo needles to knit  these for the Knit for Tibet group on Ravelry.

I am now in a holding pattern until the needles come.  I have with me: a sock project, a lace scarf with beads, and yarn for some fingerless mitts for which the needles are also in the order.  Clearly I should have brought more yarn.


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This week I stayed home, or at least in Sacramento on my day off, and went to the park around the state capitol.

The capitol here looks a lot like the one in Atlanta- although Arnie removed most of the gold from the dome and sold it to cover the state’s expenses.  The big difference is that the grounds around the building are extensive and make up a large park that also serves as a state botanical garden with the unusual

and the more ordinary.

It is also a place of monuments to homegrown  heros

and far away wars.

It’s also a place where people like to get married

or just picnic under the trees

and no, since you are probably wondering, we haven’t had a visit from the fire dept yet  but everyone in the shop perks up when we hear the siren of the truck going by outside.

Hope everyone has a spectacular 4th!

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