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I think that’s going to be the beginning of my next novel.  I say next because:

I did it.  I wrote 51033 words in 28 days, finishing 2 days early.  I did it in spite of dress rehearsals at the opera and Thanksgiving and unruly cats and a play date with my granddaughter and Christmas knitting.

While it turned out to be easier than I thought it would be, I could not have done it without the support group  for NaNoWriMo on Ravelry.  I want to thank them all and if you are still writing, keep going.  The end is in sight.

If you are now wondering “will I get to read it?”  the answer is not until it has been seriously edited and maybe not then either.  Because it’s easier than you think to write a novel but writing a novel that is worth reading and won’t embarrass the !@#$% out of me is a lot harder.


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Happy Thanksgiving

May we always have something to be grateful for,

even if it’s weird.

Hope you have as much Thanksgiving as you can hold,

and don’t forget to thank the cook!

Word count:  42730

Left to go:  7270

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Personal Archeology

In college I decorated my apartment with found objects- fruit crates left on the curb outside the Chinese grocery, driftwood and barnacled rocks from the beach, old bottles from the trash and the occasional student art project donated by friends.

Occasionally I actually made something to display as art.  Usually junking it a couple of years later because it never seemed really good enough. Sometimes it really wasn’t and turned bedraggled and dusty and embarrassing before I found something to replace it with.

In the last couple of years, I’ve managed to purge the last bits of my hippie past and the later “better” stuff too.  Paring down.

But I’ve wanted for a while to find a big piece of art work for my living room.  Last year I found a print I liked, but it doesn’t really fill the space as well as I would like.  I can’t afford to buy a canvas as big enough to fill the space, either, even if I had a suitable place to actually paint something.  Like an apartment with more than one window that opens and no inquisitive cats.

But sometimes life comes along and hands you exactly what you need.  Sometimes it’s something you never thought you’d see again.   Like these:

3 of these on the wall will fill the space nicely.

Where did they come from you ask?  Well I made them 25+ years ago for a corporate event.  They have been stored all this time in a warehouse- property of the company that produced the event and hired me to make them.  The company dissolved some time ago and the former owner decided it was now time to purge.

They will probably get dusty. In the future, they may even be embarrassing.  But for now they will do just fine.

Word Count:  30073

Left to go:  19927

I have passed the hump and headed toward the finish but it would sure be a lot easier if I didn’t have a cat on my lap digging her claws into my thigh.

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Just a quicky to keep everyone up to date.

I am still doing NaNoWriMo but because of dress rehearsals last week I am very behind and need to spend the weekend writing, writing and more writing with a couple of short breaks for knitting and life maintence.

Last weekend I traveled to the Whole Nine Yarns in Woodstock Georgia and used the gift card I won in the shop hop for this:

Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway:  Flamingo Pie.  Actually the colors of an Autumn sunset.  I got a couple of other items which will have to remain a secret for now.  It is on display in my living room because it is too beautiful to put away.

Then for my birthday clever and generous Jane gave me this:

Two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock, color Gold Hill.  She put it into one of her fun project bags made of a cute kitty print.  I am considering, just considering mind you, knitting socks from it.

Then the lovely and talented blogless Diana made me an incredible and beautiful lace shawl I haven’t had a chance to photograph yet.

I have finished a Christmas gift hat, cast on for a charity scarf using some leftover Patton’s Classic, am now over half way thru the Habu Scarf and in about the same place with the Merlot scarf.

Now, must go write some more.

Word Count:  20557

Left to go:  29443



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On This Day in History

I am 60.

How did this happen?

I used to imagine myself at 30.  I thought I’d live in a suburban ranch style and drive a station wagon to pick up kids from choir practice and little league.  I thought I would make my husband cocktails when he came home from work and dress for dinner- like Donna Reed and the mom on Father Knows Best.

Life, though, has a way of working out in really unexpected ways.  Thank God- I probably would have become a suicidal alcoholic pill popping (suburban) momma if I had continued down that path.

Ok, ok, I confess I did have a station wagon for a while but only because it was what I could afford that had enough cargo space to haul everything I needed for my work.  No team sports were involved.

I also could see myself at 50.  Heading in to the millenium wearing a shapeless house frock and a head scarf like my grandmother.  That didn’t happen either.  I believe I had a red velvet shirt and black jeans on for that occasion.  Because I grew up wearing jeans and I’ll probably still be wearing them if and when I turn 90.

Here I also need to confess that I have worn shapeless dresses- but only in those eras when everyone did.  You can stop with the “and if your friends jumped off a cliff ” routine now.

I didn’t really ever picture myself 60 so this is really is a new experience.  It’s true too that while I know I’m not quite the same person I was at 20- I still feel like that person.  I’m still me.   Except when I have to get up from sitting on the floor and maybe first thing in the morning- I’m a little creaky then.  Well, and maybe  when I look in the mirror too.

Word Count:  10381

39619 to go

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What made you think you could do this?  Are you insane?

Well, I just decided I needed to do it.  I just really, really want to and if I don’t do it sometime I’ll never do it.

Needed to do it?  What about needing to get the show ready for dress rehearsals next week and dealing with your car tag and Christmas Knitting and OMG DRESS REHEARSALS  and do you know where your Christmas knitting is….  Did you have to NEED to do this now.

Well this is when NaNoWriMo is, November.  A lot of other stuff happens in November, I know but it’s not like I haven’t learned how to put my life on hold for productions.

So just how is this extravaganza going anyway?

I don’t know.  It’s all over the place.  I can’t connect the scenes up and I have whole pages of stuff that doesn’t belong.  Last night I added a ghost and a dog.  I think that might be helping.

And you think this is progress?

Well everyone who has done this before says its gets more coherent as you go and the stuff that doesn’t fit can be edited out in the rewrite.

Rewrite?  You mean there’s more?  You aren’t just going to start a bonfire with the manuscript and sacrifice it to the Gods of bad writing?

I sure hope not.

Well count me out of this.  I need to go collect some firewood.  While you’re busy I’ll just worry about the dust bunnies under the table and whether or not you paid the power bill, OK?  Just get some sleep will ya- all this is hurting my head.

Watch that attitude,  missy. I can always write you in to the book and I don’t have to be nice.

Current word count: 6098

43902 to go.

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