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I hate to buy big-ticket items.  My inner accountant and competency monitor  goes into panic mode at the thought of buying  anything that costs more than $200.  It doesn’t matter how badly I need it.

Then too, there’s whole am-I really-competent-to-buy-a-new-car-or-a-washing-machine-question?  It’s not like I buy one frequently enough to feel like I have a handle on the  bells and whistles and ins and outs and how it’s done.  I am not just not experienced enough in this area.  I feel a bit like I’m being asked to perform surgery with an anatomy book and pocket knife.

My current mattress is over 15 yrs old.  The cover fabric is worn out and shredding.  It sags in the middle so that if you are trying to sleep on one edge you will roll into the middle anyway.  There is a spring that is working its way through all the padding and sometimes pokes me in the side.

Clearly it is time to get a new one.

Sticker Shock!!!  Get a paper bag, quick, OMG, we’re going to hyperventilate into outer space!  Pant, pant, pant…couldn’t you just buy that cute blouse instead and forget about a bed?  Why do you need one anyway? You can sleep on the floor, right?  Better still… You can make your own.   You’re good at making things. That would be so much easier, really, and cheaper.   Please, please don’t make me do this.

Deep breath… Today I bought a new mattress.  I hope it will be comfy as this:


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Shhh… don’t say this too loud, keep it under your hat, but I think… winter might be over.

I heard the unmistakable honk of a goose this morning.  There are several Canadians who hang out in the nearby Decatur Cemetery.  Most winters they don’t bother to migrate and why would they?  By the time they got as far as  Florida our normal 2 weeks of winter would be over and it would be time to turn around and come back.  Plus, I think they have a very cushy life here, demanding gleaning food from visitors to the cemetery.  This year, though,  their traditional sources of food seem to have gone under- very few people want to wander through an old graveyard when it’s below freezing and covered in ice.  I haven’t seen or heard them since early Fall.

Do you think they have some kind of early warning device for extra cold weather?

So this morning they announced their arrival with a sonic boom of a honk:  We’re back and open for business.  Visit us soon!

I am in dress rehearsals this week for another 3.5 hour long opera.  See you on the flip side.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hearts and Flowers, Kisses and Love

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There has been some more of this.

And this:

But not so much and well, this is the South and even if winter seems a bit colder and longer this year, it just doesn’t like to spend much time with us.  If you are some where up North, shivering and wondering if you will ever be able to get out of your driveway again I really don’t know why Old Man Winter finds your neck of the woods so much more hospitable.

He was very cantankerous on his fly by visit this week- dropping snow on the blooming forsythia and returning robins.  Not a guest you want to invite back.

About all I have done recently except work is this:

One half of a pair of mitts:  Spiraling Leaves by Lynne Vogel.  The Yarn is Miss Babs Bamboo Baby.  I am wearing it right now because the corner where I work on the computer is the coldest one in the house.   I want to think that there is no such thing as second mitt syndrome but I will have to get back to you as to whether or not I finish the second mitt before it gets too warm to need them.

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I have things to say.  I have updates:  knitting projects, pictures, news, you name it,  but… I am seriously time challeged at present.

Please check back later.  Really, I promise something will be written soon.

Cue annoying music, repeat message every 3 seconds.

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