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So the world is coming to an end, again, on December 21.  That is if you believe that the Mayans had it all figured out.  The end of time.

Apparently some people take this so seriously that they give away their possessions, contemplate suicide, and take other extreme measures.  My mother always filled our bathtub with water whenever a crisis loomed.  Just in case.  I imagine that would be her response to the end of the world too.  That and stocking up on food, books, and crossword puzzles because you could get hungry and bored waiting for the apocalypse.

The thing is, time will really only run out on the Mayan calendar.  So if you are using it exclusively as your point of reference for what day it is then yes, the world you know will end.  Because there are no more days on that calendar.

You could however, think outside the box a bit and maybe switch over to a more modern way of keeping track of linear time?  Like getting a 2013 Gregorian calendar?  or even a Hindu one?  I’m pretty sure the Hindu one goes on for eons.

No one really knows why the Mayan calendar stops on December 21, 2012.  It possible the makers ran out of room on the tablet.  I think, though, that  5000 years ago, the year 2012 was so impossibly far into the future it was inconceivable.  I’ll bet it made the calendar maker’s brain hurt to think about so he just quit before it drove him crazy.

The thing that really confuses me about doomsday prophecies is why people who are expecting to be vaporized, sucked into a chasm, or flown to heaven feel a need to give all their possessions away.

I understand why you might do this if you thought aliens were coming to take you to a better world.  Because if it’s better why would you need all that cheap tacky crap you don’t know what to do with anyway?   Then there’s the problem of how much room is really on the space ship (Tardis aside) and the possibility that under weightless conditions Granny’s antique coffee table might crack more than your knee.

Really though, if you are not going to need your stuff anymore because the world is coming to an end, then we don’t need it either.  Just let it go.


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