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I know Fall officially started on September 22 but as far as I’m concerned it started yesterday.  Because yesterday it was finally cool enough to wear my favorite sweater and today I wore my pumpkin colored scarf that was my very first knitting project.  And then I found this:

That had this:

Pumpkins for sale!  A golden opportunity to revisit one’s youth and indulge one’s creativity.  I’m feeling very tempted to carve one this year.  Hmmm…. will I have time?  Usually I buy the pumpkin but then never carve it and just rots on the front porch.  No porch or yard this year but I could set it on the worktable so it can be seen thru the window???  Does this mean I have to buy Halloween candy too??  I must think more on this.  Do I want silly, mean, goofy, evil???  

I finished one of the projects on my Mission Possible list.  A very Fall themed shopping bag.

And last week I made (and wore when it was still warm enough)  a skirt out of the organic cotton and bamboo voile I got in San Francisco last summer.I’m very happy with the way it turned out. I’d like to think I’m on a very productive roll but I have to be honest- It’s because the clothes for the next opera were shipped from the rental house later than anticipated so I had a lot of free time last week.  I also started the jacket that hopefully will go with the skirt but now that the costumes are here who knows when I will get back to it.

I am going to miss SAFF this year but well, my budget won’t.  Instead I’m spending the weekend turning the closets around.  Emptying everything out and switching the summer things for the winter ones.  It’s about time…I need to find my sweaters.


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Can You Keep a Secret

Shhhh….the universe has ears and they are not always on my side…….But I think I’ve solved the Frangia problem.

With this:

I found it at Sheepish which is the LYS in Decatur that used to be Nease’s Needlework.  It’s a collage of multiple fibers called “Purple Paradise” leftover from the previous owner.  I think it will look great with the copper.  Of course, I’ve said that before, haven’t I?  This time though, I’m planning on just working the copper in randomly and not trying to make the whole dang thing out of it.

I frogged the scarf yesterday and then carefully and slowly separated the Frangia from the Lily Chin merino. No, since you ask, I don’t think I’m insane.  I’m ready to start over.  If I have any copper yarn left afterward it’s going to be a caterpillar toy.  That’ll teach it.  Always a caterpillar, never a butterfly.

The merino, I think, wants to be a hat. Someday, not today.

While the scarf was in limbo I finished the back of my sweater and am half way up the front.  3 Cheers for Netflix- Firefly is great for knitting.

I thought I was the only person in the world knitting this pattern- Megan Shawl Collar Cardigan- because every time I went to my project page in Ravelry the side bar pattern box said “One Project” i.e. mine.  Turns out there are 8 people who have knit or are knitting this.  Most of them were just hiding so they could pop up with a finished project and bypass the whole WIP process.  Which seems really sneaky of them even if they do make me feel my pattern choice has been validated.

I’m the only one knitting it in Elsebeth Lavold Angora though- and it’s really soft and cosy.  I’m telling myself it’s going to replace the very expensive Eileen Fisher sweater I would have bought if I hadn’t bought a car.

I have gauge- it has to fit, right?

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