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Properly speaking I am iced in.  We had snow Sunday evening, a beautiful white fluffy snow, followed by sleet overnight which turned everything to ice.  So while this looks like the fluffy white fun stuff, it’s really a sheet of ice.

Work has been cancelled until it’s “safe” to travel.  That might be tomorrow.  Maybe.

Be careful what you wish for.

All thru the holidays I kept wishing I had just a couple of extra days to chill and maybe finally have time to fix a few things that were making me crazy.  Especially when every time I had to get something out of the closet where I keep  essentials (cat litter, toilet paper, Christmas wrap)  a vast pile of stuff would slide out into the living room and defy my efforts to shove it back in and shut the door.

I have conquered my lethargy and cleaned the closet.  This is what I need to throw away:

So why is it still sitting in my living room?

Because these are the bins for my apartment building:

The entire city is shut down.  The garbage men won’t be around for the duration.  I haven’t been able to take out the regular trash either, or the recycling, and I have several piles of thing to donate clogging up corners in the house too.  Won’t be getting rid of those soon either.

So when I envision that extra day or two of  productivity and/or leisure I don’t usually see myself knitting away with my cup of tea surrounded by a pile of garbage and bags of cast offs like someone’s crazy grandma. I know it’s tempting,  but you don’t have to go there.

I have to share a few lovely gifts from Christmas.

An exquisite hand made wine stopper:

Some Habu Cashmere from Diana:

and this from the knitting party gift exchange:

Some silk and wool blend roving.  Now if I just had some extra time so I could learn to spin….


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I didn’t blog at all in December.  In spite of that, WordPress emailed me congratulations for doing well at keeping up with my blog.  It had a chart and everything to show that I was above average in my number of posts for the year- 79 which is more than 1 a week but hardly impressive.

I guess this means that blogging is no longer fashionable.  Which means that those of us who really just want to write won’t get lost in the vast sea of posts about baby Bobbie’s new tooth, Junior’s soccer score, and having to wait in line for a latte.  That’s the good news.

The bad is that there are also fewer people reading blogs and I don’t blame them.  We have been so overwhelmed by the volume of information available about everything from Betsy’s broken fingernail (OMG Crisis!) to what really happened to the dinosaurs that retreating seems like the only sane thing to do.

I realized the other day that I would write even if there was no chance I’d ever be published.  I do need an audience though.  I need to believe that someone wants to read what I’m writing.

So if you are reading this:  Congratulations!  You have helped make my blog a success.

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