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Up all night with Gas

I can’t sleep.  The economy is giving me the willies.

Last week it was it was all about needing  car.  I have to have one to do my job and what am I going to do when the opera is in dress rehearsals and I can’t get there or get home afterward?  I could see myself stuck in Cobb County at midnight with no way home.  I could see my credit card bill after a week worth of Zipcar or a rental car.  I could see my meager resources stretched to breaking to purchase any car that wouldn’t fall apart next month.  

I was OK taking Marta, really, wasn’t I?  There was a sense of freedom that came with not owning a car. But then, there’s the opera dry cleaning, and picking up shoes from the repair guy, and clothes that have to get from the theatre to the shop to be worked on and if I get a rental car I’ll have to use up the money in my car fund to pay for it.  How will that help?

So, last weekend, I bought a zippy little used Hyundai with good gas mileage.  Of course, now that my finances are a tad bit tighter than is comfortable- I worry about that and I still can’t sleep.  

Now, Atlanta is out of gas.  The few stations that are still pumping have long lines and policemen directing traffic. So even though I have a car-I still have to worry about what happens if I run out of gas and can’t get to the theatre or home again.

The bank I use in California went under.  I keep just enough money in it the rest of the year to keep it open.  Not much, whew.  I think my bank here is OK.  I think it is… I think it is….

Of course I’m sure my credit card companies are doing just fine and plotting ways to make an even bigger profit from the sweat of my brow.

Which is also bringing up a lot of doomsday scenarios in which there’s no food in the stores, no garbage pick up, no gas for the Marta buses, my rent goes up and well……no paycheck.

A year or so ago, I had a thought that we all just need to stop- Take an extra day off a week or a month and not drive anywhere.  Turn off the TV and the computer.  Unplug the phone and the IPod. Postpone shopping and just do something creates peace and joy- play with one’s children, paint, garden, walk, make bread, play ball, knit, anything simple that doesn’t require batteries or trip to the store.  I might actually see that happen- Decatur is very quiet today.  No one is on the road- they’re conserving what gas they have for the coming work week. There are children playing in the park, though, I can hear them from my window.  The dog walkers and cyclists are out and the benches in front of the library are full of folks getting some fresh air.

Think I’ll take a walk. 

Location:  out of gas

Music:  Bob Dylan, Walking down the Line


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Lost in Transit

I know why the bus didn’t come.  At least, I know why it didn’t come today.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t my bus.  My bus takes a slightly different route but ends up at the same Marta Station as the bus that didn’t come.  That bus, the one that didn’t come, had an accident.  That means everyone who waited over a half and hour for their bus that never came, got on my bus instead.  That should have been OK.  It was just a little crowded.  I can cope with that.  

Today, however, on my bus the regular bus driver was training a new driver.  So while the regular driver perused her Macy’s sale flyer, the new driver failed to make a critical turn along the route and off we sped into limbo.  Did he loop thru the nearby residential neighborhood and head back to the missed turn?  Well…… nooooo. Did he turn at the first place he could to get back on to the route? Nope, missed that one too.   He went almost all the way to the end of the line for that route before turning back.  I got off the bus before he turned and walked to the Marta Station.  There, I ran into a coworker who had left 30 minutes before me, in the hope of catching the bus that didn’t come, and was now woefully late to pick up her offspring from daycare.

This is it. The week I have to buy a car.  I am trying but looking at Craig’s list everyday is making me crosseyed.  Plus, when I check thru Consumer Reports and Edmund’s and so forth, all the cars I can afford- i.e. old- have major issues.  One has 20 something recall issues.  Another needs a new engine between 70-90000 miles.  This one has spongy brakes. The next one has transmission problems and every single one has a least one consumer review that begins “I’ll never buy this make/model again.  It’s a piece of crap” 

I don’t want to ride as a passenger in any of them, let alone buy one.  

Location:  Carless in Atlanta

Music:  The Wheels on the Bus

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Frog Spawn

Such an innocent looking bundle of fluff.  A ball of DiVe Frangia – soft metallic copper yarn.  Who would think it could be so evil?

But everything I’ve tried with it has been doomed.  Currently this:

I have used up 3/4 of the yarn and the scarf only measures 30 inches.  That means the finished scarf would be about 40 inches- a little short.  I’m knitting it on 13 needles and the next size up that I actually own is some long straight 17’s.  Blehhhh.  I can frog it and reknit it narrower.  I can frog it and use the Frangia sparingly- stripes or a border.  Only if I did that- I’d want to use a different color and weight base yarn- the gray Lily Chin Gramercy looks intriguing when mixed in with the Frangia, but I don’t think it will have enough presence on it’s own next to the fuzzy copper.

Since this is the 2nd failed project and the 3rd failed knitting attempt with this yarn, well….. I’m feeling just a tad disheartened.  I keep thinking it would look great just worked into something in  a diagonal free form kinda way but that seems dangerously like intarsia.  What’s more, I’d still have the color/weight issue.

Must not buy yarn, must not buy yarn.  Must buy car, not yarn. Must buy car, not yarn

I was really feeling proud of myself for starting my Christmas knitting early and keeping it simple so I might actually get it done.  Plus easy means I can knit it on the train in the morning.

Somewhere there’s a truly awful cheesy movie playing.  Have bad TV, will frog.

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I took the day off.  I did that because I’m going to have to work Saturday and well, I had to work on Labor Day for crying out loud.  I had every expectation of making use of my 3 day weekend to get ahead on a few things before the opera gets crazy.  I had a nice do-able list.  Did I do those things?  Well……. nooooo…. So what did I do today?  I went on a long fruitless train ride in search of interfacing for the opera which I’m going to have to mail order anyway. Then I went home, ignored the dust kitties and took a long nap that was far more satisfying than it ought to have been.

I can’t say I totally wasted the weekend, though because I cleaned the oven.  I had to clean it because  when I got back from California my oven looked like a ham and a loaf of bread had exploded in it. It was greasy with charred bits and ashy flaky stuff here and there.  Now, mind you, I had a slight mishap with the oven over Christmas. Which you can read about here: http://sewforth.livejournal.com/2007/12/26/

I cleaned it then.  So…….how did it come to look like it could catch on fire any minute?  Particularly since I haven’t really used it much since last Christmas and I was gone for 2 months.  I’m sure it wasn’t that bad when I left.

I don’t remember roasting anything that would produce that kind of mess.  I must be in denial about more than a few dust balls.  Like cooking in my sleep or a carnivorous split personality. Plus, I don’t think I can really blame Imp for this- I’m guessing she’d rather use the microwave anyway.

I did finish a project- a peasant blouse made out of the fabric I got at Britex- inspired by some of the blouses worn by Frida Kahlo I saw at the SFMOMA exhibit.                                                                              

I’m not altogether sure I like it or that I will actually wear it.  Anyone care to offer an opinion?

That is, I think you can.  I think I’ve enabled comments.  I can’t be completely sure until someone tries.  I still haven’t been able to import my old blog to this one but I have added a link to the old one in the sidebar.

One thing I miss about the old blog is the location/music tags at the end-and I especially loved the fact that if you clicked on the location, even if it wasn’t a real place, it took you to a satellite map site that actually tried to find it.  I guess I can add whimsical locations and music to my posts- but I’ll just have to do without the map link to a galaxy far, far away.

Location:  On de Nile

Music: Little Egypt?

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This is really still under construction and I’m not completely sure I know what I’m doing.  My attempts to import SewForth to this one were not successful. So if you are looking for any of the old (and probably funnier) posts- they haven’t arrived yet.  The flight was delayed.  Of course, they could be lost in the Twilight Zone portion of the ethernet but I’m blaming Gustav.

  I kinda feel like this:


It isn’t really as bad as say, moving a household.  Then again, it would be a whole lot easier to just click and drag what I wanted into the page.  And, just why is it that I can’t do it that way?

Ok so the kicker to this is that as I was navigating between Live Journal and Word Press- I discovered that I could have done a lot more with my Sewforth page- if I’d only been able to find the instructions.

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