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Due to budget cuts, my summer employer  is not housing me in the posh hotel with pool, spa, gym, free breakfast and big screen TV this year.  Instead I have a studio apt a few blocks from the the theatre.  Which has it’s own charm and some oddities.

The style is Poor Man’s California Arts and Crafts:

functional but a little funky.

The closet is behind this built in.

Why is it upstairs?

Because the Murphy bed has to slide under it.  

Fortunately, I have been supplied with a real bed and don’t have to experience having to sleep in a small space under the stairs like Harry Potter.

The wonderful thing about the apartment is that it has a backyard.

With fruit trees, apricots, nectarines, peaches, and grapefruit.  All of which are in season and very tasty.

and I have cable TV.  Which I don’t have at home.  Only, it seems I get something like 900 channels???? and by the time I figure out what’s on- I need to go to bed.


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A Wise Little Person

My granddaughter spent last weekend with me and amused herself by writing this poem which I am reproducing intact, spelling  and all:

                    If you are angry  and mad, we will talk it throug,

                     or just do some fun with everyone too.

                     If  your sad and feeling blue, you just need

                     some love and care, mabey  a few yummy declair  (eclair)

                     If your bored and have nothing to do 

                     ask a friend to play with you.

I am off to California for 8 weeks of really hard work that will hopefully be punctuated with friends and fun and maybe eclairs, or at least ice cream.

Because there are only a  few things that eclairs, friends, and fun can’t fix.

One of the sights where I’m going:

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So am I capable of learning from my experience?  I’d really like to think I am. 

 Even though I swore up and down I had enough of pink splitty polyester yarn and knitting on a deadline- in spite of knowing better, I jumped over the cliff with all the other lemmings knitters in my Friday night group and entered a contest at my LYS to knit a chicken for charity.

The Hippie Chick- resting in her pad, waiting for the Knit-in.

Mostly I think it was because the baby sweater only took about 1/3 as much yarn as I thought  and then-  the leftovers were pink and orange- my favorite colors in 1967.  That is the year I graduated from high school and the Summer of Love.  Back then Patti Harrison  (married to George Harrison and then later Eric Clapton) was seen in San Francisco wearing heart shaped sunglasses- so my chick had to have heart shaped glasses too…  And flowers in her hair…  And protest signs- what chicken couldn’t be in favor of peas after all.

While she was fun to design, I will not be knitting any more made up free range things for some time ( the chicken is a pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas, but the embellishments had to be invented) and I have enough deadlines in my life not want to impose them on things that are supposed to be recreational and fun.  Although it would be fun to try another one and my granddaughter’s mother thinks the Hippie Chick would make a great hat….

All the entries were incredibly creative and fun.  You can see them here.

So while it would be nice to blame my recent failure to blog (and read blogs- sorry to all- I miss you) on the chicken deadline but actually it’s my computer.  Now that I’m back on dial up, it takes forever for pages to load and pictures are impossible.  I also am working on a new project which will be here soon I hope.  That is, if I can stand to wait for be patient  enough to load the pictures.

Meanwhile- here is a teaser:

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Since I’m unemployed right now I get to do other things.   Like watch things grow.  My granddaughter planted these and we’re hoping they will grow up and become Marigolds.  That is if they like the window sill enough and the cats don’t eat them.

Green things have so much hope, don’t they?

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