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The world seems very full right now, what with recent disasters, victories, and romance.  It must be in the air because my life has been running in tandem, admittedly,  on a slightly smaller scale.

So I don’t have a disaster that could even begin to compare to the earthquake in Japan or the recent storms across the south.  What I have is an ordinary garden variety failure of the sort that was heartbreaking at age 10 but today gets chalked up to kharma.

The lovely blogless Diana won tickets to a Braves game for herself and 3 friends- 1 of whom was me.   Not just any tickets, either, but seats behind home plate, vouchers for free food, and complementary valet parking.  The weather forecast was rain until 6pm, then clear until after 11 pm.  Well, not really because it was raining when we got there and raining when we left.  Raining  hard.   We ate bad for you but yummy ball park food and waited.  Diana, Jane, and Maegan knitted.  I didn’t bring my knitting because none of the projects I have just now are suitable for knitting with distractions.   So I just waited.  The rain kept pouring down.  It got cold.  We sometimes ventured out into the stands to see what was happening.  Mostly rain.  A local sportscaster found one of the players, who was on the roster to play that evening, sitting in the stands with his wife, waiting like everyone else for the rain to stop.  It was getting late.  The game was finally called a bit before 9.

It wasn’t a total failure.  The valet parking was close to the entrance of the park and they had a covered tent to wait in while they brought the car around.  So even though we all got soaked crossing the street- it sure beat walking to the Marta station in a downpour.

My victory is that I have finally opened my Etsy shop.  I meant to do this some time ago but it just seemed complicated and overwhelming.  Once I sat down with the firm intention of getting it done,  it wasn’t so bad.  Turns out that was all that was missing.  I even figured out how to make my banner with Power Point.  They don’t tell you that it’s possible to do it this way in any of the  “how to make a banner” advice.   Take that computer graphics geeks!

A few items from my store:

You can visit it at:  Fabweb on Etsy.

So where’s the romance?  Think small scale.  No handsome stranger who flirted with me in the Starbucks, no roses from a secret admirer, and thankfully, no gorgeous glittery vampires.  Nor did I get invited to the Royal Wedding.  No much smaller.  I won the lottery.  Oh, not the big bucks.  I won $5 last week and $5 this week.  Maybe I’ll buy myself some roses.


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