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So, yes indeed, I do remember that I have a blog.  It’s just that I’ve been working mostly 12 hour days for the last 2 weeks and couldn’t manage to fit blogging into the schedule.  Didn’t do much knitting either.

When I came up for air I took a little R&R on the coast.  Where it was cold and foggy and atmospheric:

But since I love the beach in the fog I wasn’t disappointed and even though it was really cold (there were people on the trail in parkas, really) it was great.

I decided to go to a place I had not been before and hiked to Abbott’s Lagoon.













and then onto the north part of Point Reyes beach:

nothing but sand, surf, and mist disappearing into infinity- 

and the waves forming a perfect circle out of a bit of grass.


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In Memorandium

In loving memory of Jack the Ripper who served the Music Circus faithfully for many, many years until his tip broke off in 2007 (? or was  it 8?).

When all the other rippers had abandoned their posts or been lost, when the budget was too tight for new tools, Jack was always there.

Jack, you may be useless now but we won’t forget you.  You will have your own place of honor on the costume shop and we promise to point you out to each and every new stitcher:

That’s Jack the Ripper- the most awesome,  most reliable seam ripper ever, who has been here as long as we can remember.

Of course, if you come into the costume shop and ask to borrow a seam ripper, especially if you confess that you don’t know what one looks like or does, we might very well hand you Jack, tell you how great he is, and forget to mention that he has no point.

Update:  Jack has been put back into service.  One of the stitchers discovered he was great for shaping the points of collars and whatnot.  It just goes to show that the abilities of the retired should never be underestimated.

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Here at the circus we care for  a number of exotic  beasts.  Handling them can be real challenge- sometimes one will get loose and we just can’t tell where it might land:

We have  quite a range of species too, each with its own needs and quirks.

From the common everyday variety:







To this rare gilded pink specimen:                              








Of course our wranglers are experts at taming unruly beasts like this fellow:

With enough encouragement and  a cattle prod coaxing  even the most difficult  can become settled and friendly:

And of course, the small fry are always a big hit- like this cute little fellow:


Don’t you wish you could take it home?

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This morning at the circus I was the designated person-with-key-who-can-open-the-door.  Because none but the costume shop work  early Sunday morning.  That was OK.  I got in.  Everyone who needed to, got in. The security system was disarmed without any long winded explanations or taking of names.

Only I had failed for the 2nd week in a row to learn beforehand where exactly the light switches were.  We all stumbled around in the dark trying to find the lights, which I knew from experience, were not in any logical place- like, say,  next to the door.  

There was an ear piercing noise.  I thought I had failed to turn off the alarm and ran back to check it.  It said it was ok.  I punched a few buttons anyway.  No change in the noise level.  The alarm display told me I didn’t have access and to please go away and not bother it anymore.

I sent the stitchers outside to save their eardrums while I tried to reach the powers that be.   They were all asleep in their beds or at any rate not answering their phones.  I believe I left a voice mail for the production manager in which I said I thought the police might be on their way to get me.

Outside 2 hook and ladder trucks from nearby Station No 2 pulled up, sirens blaring, geared up for battle.  Out jumped a few really great looking men.  Because Sacramento’s finest are truly fine.  I think hunky must be a job requirement here.  Turns out, one of the stitchers had been feeling along a wall for the lights, found something that felt like a switch, flipped it, and set off the fire alarm.   But those heros saved the day and turned off the alarm.

We’re all still feeling a little flushed.

The firemen wanted to know why we up so early on Sunday morning.  I wouldn’t mind knowing that myself.


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