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Sew What Now?

I have finished the body of my vest.  I’m calling it the no sew vest because I am going to use a three needle bind off to join the shoulders and pick up stitches to knit the button band, collar and the ribbing around the the armhole.  I will only have to sew on the buttons.

It did strike me as a little odd to me that I spend a great deal of my life sewing, and really, I do enjoy it but I hate having to seam up anything knitted.  I finally realized this has nothing to do with sewing.  It’s simply a lack of patience over eagerness.  I hate having lots of little fiddly details leftover after I’ve finished the fun part.  It’s the draggy boring bit in between knitting and wearing.  I feel the same way about weaving in the ends or long car trips across Utah.

Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?

Is it done yet?  Is it done yet?

This is not something unique to my knitting experience either.   I used to have the same issues with sewing:   I would go to great lengths to figure out how to avoid any form of hand finishing.

Today, in the costume shop,  I usually hand the garment off to a stitcher to finish.  Road trips are better if you’re the one in control of the car.

Things are still blooming and producing pollen:

but we had a big rain which made a lot of things drop their blossoms and leaf out all at once.

I might just maybe be able to get my car washed soon.


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It’s spring here.  Finally.  There was maybe 2 warm sunny pollen free days and now it’s in the 80’s, everyone is sneezing, and my car is covered in green dust.  It’s pretty though, very pretty.

Saturday as I was walking thru downtown Decatur, I noticed what appeared to be a cloud of dust ahead.  The spring breeze tossing it up between the buildings and across the road.  I looked for earth moving equipment, a backhoe?  Maybe a couple of really energetic guys with shovels?  No, as I got closer I could seen that the dust was a pine tree shedding great gusts of pollen into the wind.  Mother Nature’s spring cleaning- dust masks required.

It seems that the winter was so bad here and spring was so delayed that everything just suddenly blossomed overnight.  So we’re getting what would normally be spread out over several weeks RIGHT NOW!

I’ve been trying to get my car washed since October but whenever I have a free day it rains or snows or some such.  Now until the pollen stops there’s no point.  I’m settling for clearing the windshield enough to see every morning (yes, it really is that bad) and biding my time.

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