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My son gave me an IPod Touch for Christmas.  He stressed that it was fragile and needed a case.  I, of course, immediately pulled out some yarn and began to knit.  A wonderful felted case, I thought, that will be perfect.

It will be perfect of course,  because I have never yet knitted a felted project that turned out anything like it was supposed to.

I started with a green heathered yarn of unknown provenance- something I grabbed gathered up from the destashing pile at the knitting group Christmas Party.  I was sure it would felt.  I did soak a strand in hot water.  It plumped up and got fuzzy.  Good enough.  I decided on a colorwork design similar to my ill fated felted bag from last spring.  I got out some Patton’s wool in russet and some Cascade 220 in a heathered teal from my stash.  I know those will felt so I was sure I would have the IPod cosy of my dreams in no time at all.

Did I knit a swatch?  I hear concerned voices.  No, of course not.  Why would I do such a thing?  I have faith.

Experience has deluded led me to believe that when knitting items to be felted the work will shrink more lengthwise than widthwise.  I therefore knitted my cosy double what I needed my finished length to be and about 1/3 wider than I wanted it. Before felting that was 20 inches x 4.5 inches.

I finished it this afternoon, took it to the sink and felted it and got this:

Which measures 20 inches x 3 inches.  The green yarn felted beautifully.  The fibers are all seized up and bonded irrevocably to each other.  It just didn’t shrink any lengthwise in the process.

I am determined to have my green and rust and teal custom knitted IPod cosy. Therefore, I’m going to cut it apart and sew it into the right size and shape.  HA! take that felting process!

Yes, really, someday I will post my current and finished projects and all the lovely gifts I got from my knitting friends but I’m still waiting for the pictures to load.

Hope Everyone had a Great Christmas!


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Those who know me well know that I do not approve of stress over Christmas.  Any given Christmas I do only those things that make sense for that year.  If the thought of finding the time to get and decorate a tree makes my jaw clench, then I don’t have one.  If I don’t have time to make the lovely handmade cards I usually make, I send e-cards instead.  None of this makes me sad or unhappy.  I can be perfectly content to have Christmas with a hot toddy and some knitting just as much as I love to spend it with  lots of people and food and chaos.

Because we aren’t guaranteed a perfect Christmas every time and trying to create one frequently doesn’t.  Letting it just be whatever it turns out to be is more likely to get me a little peace on earth and if it doesn’t then I’ll have a great story to tell.

I like to pretend my non attachment to Christmas Perfection keeps me saner than my fellows who are busy searching the crowded mall for this year’s in toy and trying to get their 2 yr old interested in building a gingerbread house.

What I do like to do is plan.  That’s because I’m a planner.  I love to make lists.  Plus it helps me avoid the mall between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I even have an Excel program set up to track my Christmas projects.  I carefully assess my situation in early Fall and  make my decisions then.  How much can I spend?  Who is getting the handmade scarf and who will get a purchased trinket?  Do I want to redo my door wreath this year?  When do I need to mail gifts?  Am I mailing gifts?

So this year it looked like I was going to be unemployed from mid December to the beginning of January.  In spite of the budgetary concerns, I was actually pleased about this.  I made plans to have a craft day with my granddaughter.  I would do some of the projects piling up on my worktable.   I would also have time to begin editing my novel and write a short story for my alumni literary publication.  I would have time to do all the fun parts of Christmas at a relaxed pace.

Guess what?  I’ve been offered work I can’t afford to turn down. What with work, holiday parties, and  other Christmas stuff, suddenly every day, evening and weekend is full.  My low key, low stress version has been replaced with the Santa’s wild ride version.

I can’t really pride myself on my non attachment this year either.  Because it turns out my attachment isn’t to the perfect Christmas; it’s to not stressing over the perfect Christmas.   Might as well let go of that one right now ’cause Santa’s taking a hard turn to the left and there’s deep snow below.  Hang On!

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