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2nd Sock Syndrome Corollary

So once upon a time this blog included knitting.  Only I haven’t knitted very much since I moved to LA because, well, my apartment is too hot to touch anything during the summer and the rest of the year I can barely get thru eating, sleeping, and bathing.

Every now and again I pick up a pair of socks I started before I left for California in 2013 and knit a bit on it.  The thing is, it’s boring.  I devised the pattern myself and I should have known better.  The other UFOs I have, though, are complicated, lace or sweaters needing careful attention to necks or sleeves and my mind just doesn’t have enough room. So the sock has become my go to “I think I’ll do a bit of knitting tonight” project.

Last year about this time I finally finished the first sock and did the toe and a bit of the foot before tossing it in the UFO basket.

But it’s that time of year when not only do I have time and the mental energy to knit but it’s also not too hot. Plus at the end of the semester I usually offer the students a chance to learn.  The added bonus for them is that I also propose a campus yarn bomb project.

I needed to get back in shape for this since it seemed so long since I last knitted that I might have forgotten how so I got out the socks.  It all went well because muscle memory kicked in and short of a head injury it’s unlikely that I ever really forget how to knit.  Soon the 2nd sock was ready for the heel.


I had to look up the instructions for my preferred short row heel but once I got into it I had it down.  Up to where I had to pick stitches to turn the heel.  Some where I must have put the sock down in the middle of a row because there was a weird half row of purl stitches on the front side of the sock.  Bummer.  I kept knitting, thinking I could live with it, until I couldn’t.  I frogged back to the end of the short rows. I began again.  Suddenly I had 6 stitches to pick up on one side of the heel and 3 on the other????  I solemnly swear I picked up a stitch at the end of each row.  Although it may not have really been the end of the row? I frogged back but couldn’t figure out where I needed to be so I went all the way back to the beginning of the short rows.  I did this a few more times.  Like 5.  The same thing, decreasing fine but increasing always too many stitches left on one side.  The yarn was now splity from so much back and forthing. I couldn’t sometimes tell anymore what was a stitch. It was now 2 am.  So I went to bed.

This morning I was waiting for some pictures to upload for what seemed like forever so got out the sock.  I only thought I would just it back to the start of the heel, again, but in the light of day I pushed on.  Then I discovered part of the problem.  I picked up a wrap and a stitch separately and now had an extra stitch on 1 side.  Eureka.  I ripped it out and started over, again.  Only even after placing stitch markers and counting each row I somehow had decreased 7 times on one side and only 4 on the other???  So now I couldn’t even get the 1st part right????

Failure to complete my 2nd sock will not be because I lack the will to finish it.  I am actually pretty determined to force it into being.  It will be because the !@#$%^&* doesn’t want to be a sock.  


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