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Blogging every day for a month is easier than writing every day because not every blog post has to be brilliantly written.  And, unnlike NaNoWriMo where every word counts, I can have posts that have no words at all.

Maybe I’ll even get all the pictures from my beach trip posted eventually.


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By the seat of my pants

Why did you decide to do this again?

Well… it wasn’t so much a decision as a spur of the moment go with the flow kinda thing.

Yes, but last time you did this you prepared.  You wrote some extra posts early in the game to get you thru the days when you couldn’t come up with anything.

I never had a day when I couldn’t come up with something.  Those extras were for when I was in tech rehearsals and needed to spend my free time sleeping.  As it was, I usually stayed up and blogged anyway.  I still had 4 or 5 posts in my queue on Nov 30.

Now wait a minute here.  One of those posts was a couple of pictures.  Not to mention, didn’t you delete a couple without posting them.

Yes, well… I didn’t think they were good enough and I had posted better stuff already.

I just didn’t think it would be a problem to come up with something everyday.

So write something already.

I just did.

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Because I can

So lately I have been feeling like I really need to try to write everyday.  and exercise and stand up straight and eat my vegis and save the dolphins and personally negotiate peace in our time…

I could beat myself up about not being able to accomplish those things but well, I’m too lazy.  I don’t consider this a flaw as it enables me to nap comfortably without guilt.  But  sometimes the universe steps in and suggests a plan.  That is, when it doesn’t just kick me in the pants and turn everything upside down.

I got a random email from NaNoBloMo- the blog everyday people- telling me that the blogging theme for September, for those who cared to participate, was Art.  They proposed that those who wanted to could discuss how they felt about art or the future of art or whatever and those who blogs centered around artwork, photography, crafts, knitting etc. could just procede as usual.

I work in the arts.  Knitting is a featured element of this blog.  Seems like a good match.

Every day in September-  here we go.

Yes this is a random picture but I like it.

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