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Now that it’s over

You can stop writing now.

Really?  I can stop now?

Yes, really.  It’s over- you don’t have to post everyday.

But… are you sure?  I really feel like I should be sitting at the computer right now, writing something.

Like what?  You still have 2 unpublished drafts.

I do?  I should publish them, huh?  They shouldn’t go to waste, right?

Suit yourself but they’re really pretty boring.  Just because you can churn it out doesn’t mean anyone wants to read it.

I can make them better.  I can.  I can add pictures. I have pictures.  Pleeez… I need to do something.

You could do all the stuff you should have done instead of writing obsessively for a month and checking your blog stats and comments and commenting back 20 times a day.  You could knit, for example.

Knit?  I knit?  Oh yeah, now I remember, I have knitting to do.  It’s around here somewhere.

and you have work to do and Christmas is coming up, you know.

Christmas!  I can blog about Christmas!

You don’t need to blog today.

I don’t?  But there’s so much to say…

No there isn’t. You’ve said it all. It’s time to move on.  Just step away.  It will be OK, I promise.

But not posting is making me really jittery and anxious.  Just one more time, I’ll quit tomorrow, really.  I can quit tomorrow.  Yes, I’m sure it will be easier tomorrow.

Let it go already, give up.  There’s no easy out.  Cold Turkey.  Do I need to unplug the computer now?

Ok, but can I just…

NO, enough is enough.




….. ok, maybe once more.  But then you are done, done, done.


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I haven’t really had a hard time finding things to say during NaBloPoMo and frankly I’m really amazed by that.  I was sure I’d have a few days of staring at the screen wondering if this would be the day I had to drop out. Turns out, if I have to write something everyday, I can.  And some for tomorrow and the next day too. It’s possible I might have enough material for a really boring novel about blogging.

I’ve even started writing drafts in my sleep. 

A few nights ago, it was so cold the cats slept on top of me- In my sleep I felt this was blog worthy and wrote and re wrote about it all night.

But just because I can I’m posting another fall leaves against the sky pic.


Arent Ginko Trees Swell

Aren't Ginko Trees Swell?

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I have discovered that some bloggers post a picture of the sky when they are out of things to say.  Some of them do it every week as a regular feature.

Now I like pretty pictures as well as the next person and I can understand why one might do such a thing occasionally, over the course of a year or so.  It also certainly makes sense if your blog is about photography.

 But I’m feeling that it is just a tad unfair to post a picture of the sky and nothing else.  It’s NaBloPoMo!  There are prizes and fame and bragging rights at stake.  Write something for Pete’s sake.

Besides pictures of the sky- some bloggers fall back on memes, or You Tube Videos, or LOL Cats- I don’t really get why this is easier than writing something original but then it took me 3 days to figure out how to get the NaBloPoMo button on my sidebar.  I’m guessing November would be long gone and I’d still be sitting here trying to post a video and swearing at the computer.

But then, I never understood why anyone needed Cliff Notes either-it always seemed easier to just read the book. 

Having had my rant, here’s this:

You will note that it’s more than a picture of the sky- there’s some tree there.  Because I like a little substance to my posts.

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My blog has OCD

I am half way thru NaBloPoMo and so far I haven’t really had a problem keeping up.  The first weekend I wrote about 1500 words.  Ok, I thought, I know there will be days when I won’t have time to write- last week in fact was supposed to be one of those.  Since other bloggers who’ve done NaBloPoMo before all recommended having a few pre-written entries to cover all eventualities, I started a queue of unpublished posts.

I have not yet had less than 7 entries in my queue.  I publish one, I write a couple more.  

Last Monday,  knowing that I had a week’s worth of posts waiting and it really wasn’t necessary,  I didn’t write that day.   I just posted a pre-written draft and I all day I wandered around feeling like something was missing.  

It has been said that if you do anything for 3 weeks, it becomes a habit.  I wouldn’t actually know this because when I’ve tried to make an exercise routine or healthy eating a habit something always intervenes to prevent me from sticking it out for the full 3 weeks.  

I can however, obsess about any number of other things to the point where I can’t do without them.  It doesn’t take 3 weeks either- 1 week on an internet dating site and I was checking my email 10 times a day.  A couple of days of treats in the shop and I have an irresistible craving for chocolate at 10 am everyday.

So on Tuesday, I couldn’t help myself.  I came home from rehearsal after 11 pm and in spite of the fact that sleep should have been the most important thing in my universe- I automatically sat down at the computer.  I’ll just check emails and such, I thought.  It’s almost midnight and then I can hit publish for tomorrow’s post and not have to do it in the morning.  But how could I go to my blog and not write anything?  Without really realizing it – I wrote 2 more posts.

Ditto on Wednesday.

On Thursday, I edited what I wrote Tuesday and Wednesday because it turns out I can’t spell when I’m half asleep.  Before you comment– no I can’t spell at any time, but I can use spell check when I’m awake.

I may have enough of a backlog by Dec 1 to get me all the way thru Christmas.

Oh look, it’s bedtime.  Golly! How did it get to be so late? Well before I shut down I’ll just check over a couple of other posts for editing and maybe check my blog stats for the 10th time today and I’ve been meaning to use that cute picture of the cats, and then there’s something I’d really like to write about- I could start that now and if I stay up just a bit longer it will be after midnight and I can post for tomorrow and….

Music: Patsy Cline, Walking Writing after Midnight

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I’m going to post every day

I am. I am.  I signed up for NaBloPoMo-  National Blog Posting Month.  I signed up because I’d really like to try NaNoWriMo- National Novel Writing Month whose participants attempt to write a complete novel between Nov 1 and Nov 30 that is at least 50,000 words long.  

That would mean that I would have to write about 2000 words a day.  Actually, it works out to 1666.66 words a day, only I know I’d have to write more to cover myself on the day or two that I just can’t get to the computer- dress rehearsal days and maybe Thanksgiving and the evening it takes me 2 hours to get home because 4 million cars blew up on the expressway.  So that’s 2000 words a day, eat sleep, do laundry, grocery shop, work, knit, go to dress rehearsals at the opera, commute, cook Thanksgiving Dinner- in short- live my life as usual and produce a substantial amount of prose.  

Somehow when I envision writing my first novel novel, said writing takes place at one of those retreat places where writers and artists of promise are given grants to hang out in a beautiful setting with privacy, rustic but lovely accommodations (in my mind they are aways Arts and Crafts style- warm wood, a great fireplace, exposed beams, Stickley furniture), a great desk, and meals provided.  Of course, I never actually envision my self sitting at the desk writing anything because, frankly, if I did ever get a grant to do that- I’d probably spend all day puttering about in the idyllic scenery, eat way too much free food, and never write anything.

I can, if I have to, however, I think manage 200 words a day.  And keep my life going, I hope and then maybe, just maybe, next year I can try 500 words?

Location: and we’re off and running!

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