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The students are back.  Classes start Monday.  Overnight the campus went from seeming like a quiet restful  park, a few people, the squirrels, and me- to a weekend rock festival, crowds, music, parties, and traffic.

Deadlines approach and supposedly I spent the summer preparing.  What I actually did was go to Europe, then Music Circus, and when I got back and because there was nothing that needed immediate attention I was, well, a bit lazy.

Please, taking care of yourself.

No, you were lazy.

Really?  Because I went to the masseuse, the dentist, the farmer’s market, petted the cat, cleaned the house, got a haircut? Took a vacation?

So this week I had a panic attack and went into production mode.


Costume storage.  Last year we shifted from expecting to find Dracula’s coffin in our dungeon of a space to checking for anacondas in the jungle of clothes.  It was that jam packed with extra racks squeezed into every available space.



I usually do some stock reorganizing during the summer but this year it was on hold while the TD built me some extra hanging space above the exsisting fixed racks. Thumbs Up!

Then to clear the floor space of all the extra racks, he put everything from the rolling racks all the way up near the ceiling.  These are the items we need all the time, pants, petticoats, and skirts. Since I don’t want to be that costumer who dies from falling off a ladder under a pile of clothes in a locked room all by herself with no cell phone reception,  I put reorganize stock on the list for the work study kids. Which I need to do with them because I am tired of finding contemporary nighties in the medieval section and, well, ladders.

Only a few other things are happening at that same time.

The department decided to do a opening of the semester show the 1st week of classes.  2 actors, not complicated, but it means I will be in dress rehearsals next week.  Also production meetings, welcome back events, and measurements, shopping, designing for the actual 1st show, and patterns for the 2nd show which is a period piece.

Knowing all this, I got the shop cleaned, organized, and ready to go.  I also dealt with all the costumes that overflowed into another room which is now going to be a design classroom.

BUT there was a glitch.

Of course there was, mercury is in retrograde

A couple of weeks ago, I tripped a breaker.  Only one machine and the iron were on so this should not have happened.  The electrician came, assessed the situation, and decided the shop needed more power.  Surprise!  I only asked for this when we moved into the room 3 years ago. Last week they rewired the costume shop and the laundry room and the adjacent design room.   Like any remodleing project on an older building, they kept uncovering more broken disfunctional things and making a bigger mess and so it went on. Finished except for “just 1 more thing” on Friday.

I am ready to go?  No, but hey, if there was really enough time to get things done, I’d never do anything.





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Can you feel it? Mercury is in Retrograde.

That feeling like a train slowing down, the hydraulic hiss of the brakes, waiting for the inevitable bump that says it’s completely stopped.

I feel like I’m slogging thru jello.

The weather cooled off and then it started getting hot again- going backwards toward summer.

The Pi topper appears to have been knit by 2 different knitters who aren’t speaking to each other.  The part that’s just straight knitting after the increases looks great.  The part at the top of the hat where the increases are seems  very loose like I should have used  a smaller needle.

I’m twiddling my thumbs at work until rehearsals start.  Then it will be full speed ahead and straight on ’til load out.

This morning I was deeply worried about the boxes of personal items I shipped from California that still hadn’t arrived yet.  They are fine, as it turns out, and were waiting in front of the door when I got home.

However, I also had something shipped to the opera.  The label of that box was switched  with a box containing personal items belonging to someone else.  My box has gone to NYC wish I was with it and I don’t know when it will be back.

Bump.  It’s stopped.  It will go direct on Sunday evening.  Meanwhile I’m waiting.

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This is my beloved bag after felting.  What is wrong with this picture?  Notice that even though- and I know this because I counted obsessively- that I had the same number of stitches on the front and back of the bag- the front is about 6 inches bigger.

And I particularly like this:

The dog bone shaped bottom.  I’m just going to call it the Dog Gone bag.  How could you do this to me?  I had so much invested in our relationship.

What’s that you say?  Mercury Retrograde?  You mean what we have here is a failure to communicate?  To who?  the washing machine????  I thought I made my demands needs perfectly clear.   The color design turned out exactly as planned how could the rest go so wrong???  So I can fix it with darts.  Just not now, OK?  My trust has been broken.

This, though, this is making me happy right now:

I can’t tell you what it is because it’s a gift.  In something I never thought I’d ever knit with- it’s a soft quite nice- no really it’s nice- acrylic- Fantasy  from Dark Horse.

Since, unlike the Yarn Harlot, I’m not traveling during the Mercury Retrograde it hasn’t been that bad.  Only well, I’m unemployed for a few weeks and the wireless Internet I had been picking up for the last year disappeared and I’m stuck with dial-up which takes forever to load everyone’s blog pages and pictures and just because I’m home all day doesn’t make me want to clean even though, yes, I do know that there’s dust everywhere and someone or thing put a deep scratch in my windshield and well, wake me when it’s over, Ok?

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The opera, the Mercury Retrograde, and the weather.

I have done nothing this week but work.  I will do nothing next week but work.  This does not make for a interesting blog.

Most everything I have ordered, for the opera and myself, recently has had some kind of enormous snafu- backordered until the next millennium or lost in shipment or, get this:  the company is so behind processing return/exchanges they won’t get to mine for another 3 weeks.  They haven’t even opened the box.

I know, from experience, the best activities for a Mercury Retrograde are things like:  cleaning closets, finding receipts for my taxes, recycling, and chucking out useless stuff.   I really do need to reorganize my spices and I’m itching to clean out  all those little nooks where cat hair lurks.  One of my closets is about to reach Fibber McGee and Molly status. I would love to be taking care of those things right now.  I would be doing those things but I have dress rehearsals this week.

It’s been soooo cold,  I feel like I’ve been living in a cave- my curtains are closed, crevasses have been blocked, and the cats and I are huddling under the down comforter.  Going out is a quick sprint from the house to the car.  I have been wearing gloves with mittens over them and my fingers are numb before I can even flip the heat on in the car.  

Today it was finally warm enough to go out for a walk.  Sunny and breezy and the fresh air was wonderful….. while it lasted.  It’s supposed to snow tomorrow.

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