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I am on vacation.  That is, I have a bit of time off between my summer job and the opera.  I am spending it by cleaning up the cat hair and cat gack that accumulated in my apartment over the summer.  That and napping.

Yesterday I accomplished part of my to do list by cleaning and mopping the bedroom and hallway.  Then I set out to run a few errands, kitchen restocking and whatnot.  I also planned to stop by the opera and check on some things and use the internet since I cancelled mine before I left and I needed to print out some receipts and that’s not possible at the other places where I can get online.  Then I was going to meet up with the Friday night knitters.

At the opera, my key would not turn in the lock.  This is not unusual because the door is out of whack.  But, it wouldn’t work in the other door either.  No access for me.  It is now past 5pm and if people are still there I don’t want to disturb them since I am not on contract yet anyway.

I head to knitting instead.  The coffee place we meet at is empty of knitters and there is no reserved sign on our table.  I am hot and bothered.  I order a smoothie and check Facebook on my phone.  Knitting cancelled.  I also attempt to check my opera email but either the password has been changed or I simply can’t type it in correctly on my teeny tiny phone keyboard.  Another fail.

I drive home.  It is hot and I have been in California all summer where it is hot but not so unbearably muggy.  My car works better if I don’t use the air conditioning in city traffic so I have the windows down, sweltering and breathing in car exhaust from the other vehicles.

Once at home, all I want to do is lie down in my cool apartment.  I proceed to the bedroom with it’s newly clean floor and behold:  fresh cat gack.

Clearly I was just supposed to stay home and nap.


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Here I Am Again

Yes, I am now at home in Atlanta. I think I’m over my jet lag…  only yesterday I couldn’t get out of bed and walked around in a fog all day at work so maybe it’s just now getting to me …or maybe you just stayed up too late the night before?

I have not been getting around to read everyone’s blog because, well, I still have the same internet problem I had when I left. I don’t know why I thought it might improve while I was gone but then I have issues with reality sometimes.  I have not been blogging myself because I get pooped time out waiting for pages to load on WordPress.

Besides my internet and my ongoing cell phone issues and having to put my PDA out to pasture,  my watch stopped.  It’s some kind of fancy Danish thing and the manufacturer recommends sending if off to a authorized service center to have the battery replaced.   Thankfully, this is not in Denmark but Nevada.  I am now phone less, PDA less, watch less, and Internet challenged. All of which will be remedied soon I hope.  If the post office doesn’t lose my watch, I can decipher the fine print in the wireless service agreement, and the Lord willin’ and the creek dont rise.  This isn’t as absurd as it sounds- it has rained every evening since I got back.

I’d like to share a few last pictures of Sacramento:

Which has a lot of truly unique places and architecture.

and one of the best things about California besides foggy beaches and hunky firemen:

Everything is recyclable.

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