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I am on vacation.  That is, I have a bit of time off between my summer job and the opera.  I am spending it by cleaning up the cat hair and cat gack that accumulated in my apartment over the summer.  That and napping.

Yesterday I accomplished part of my to do list by cleaning and mopping the bedroom and hallway.  Then I set out to run a few errands, kitchen restocking and whatnot.  I also planned to stop by the opera and check on some things and use the internet since I cancelled mine before I left and I needed to print out some receipts and that’s not possible at the other places where I can get online.  Then I was going to meet up with the Friday night knitters.

At the opera, my key would not turn in the lock.  This is not unusual because the door is out of whack.  But, it wouldn’t work in the other door either.  No access for me.  It is now past 5pm and if people are still there I don’t want to disturb them since I am not on contract yet anyway.

I head to knitting instead.  The coffee place we meet at is empty of knitters and there is no reserved sign on our table.  I am hot and bothered.  I order a smoothie and check Facebook on my phone.  Knitting cancelled.  I also attempt to check my opera email but either the password has been changed or I simply can’t type it in correctly on my teeny tiny phone keyboard.  Another fail.

I drive home.  It is hot and I have been in California all summer where it is hot but not so unbearably muggy.  My car works better if I don’t use the air conditioning in city traffic so I have the windows down, sweltering and breathing in car exhaust from the other vehicles.

Once at home, all I want to do is lie down in my cool apartment.  I proceed to the bedroom with it’s newly clean floor and behold:  fresh cat gack.

Clearly I was just supposed to stay home and nap.


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It was a soggy, drippy sort of day.

My plan was to do some dyeing because my Etsy shop has been a bit more successful recently than I was prepared for and I am running out of stuff to sell.

This is the day because soon I will have multiple work projects beating me up begging for my attention and then presto!  I will be spirited away to that alternate universe that is my summer job.  In that world there is neither the time nor the means to create things for Etsy.

Since this is not my first time stirring the cauldron, I have the prep routine down.  Move everything I don’t want dye on out of the kitchen.  Get out my apron that covers from neck to knees.  Get out the utensils, the pot, the dye, the salt, and soak the blank white scarves in a clean dish pan in the sink.

Lilith, who feels very strongly that if I am in the kitchen then I should be feeding her, keeps getting under my feet.  I know that should I need to leave the room a nano second later she will be on the counter searching for edibles.  We have a difference of opinion about this and I banish her to the bedroom.  Imp wants to know why I have shut Lilith up in the bedroom.  Did she perhaps get a treat?  If so Imp wants in the bedroom too only not if I am going to shut the door.  Imp finally goes back to destroying her scratching pad while Lilith cries pitifully.

The first dye bath is successful.  I clean out the pot and get everything ready again.  I am using IDye which I like a lot because instead of a paper packet, IDye comes incased in a thin film that dissolves in hot water.  Nothing to open, just toss it in the pot.  No muss, no fuss, no tiny little dye particles floating in the air and landing precisely where I don’t want them to be.

This batch will be turquoise and I fill the pot, toss in the packet of dye, set it on the stove and sit down at the computer while the water heats up.

When the pot begins to make noise, I get up, get a scarf out of the dish pan and dip it in the dye.  I am doing an ombre technique so after a few dips, I suspend it on a hanger above the pot and move on to scarf 2.  I am moving the scarf to and fro in the dye bath when I notice a patch of something dark and gooey on the fabric.

In my eagerness to move on to the next color.  I forgot to stir the pot.  If I had I would have noticed that the packet had not dissolved yet.  It has deposited clumps of dye and whatever substance the packet is made of here and there on the fabric.  I haul both scarves out and frantically try to wash out the clumps with hot water.  While normally I use tongs and other tools to lift and move the fabric, this needs a hands on approach.  I am scraping the dye off the fabric with my nails.  I stir the pot.  The dye is still in big clumps.  I add the salt, which I also forgot to do and stir some more.  Finally I have everything back to what it ought to be and I am able to dye the rest of the scarves.

I let Lilith out while I clean up.  She isn’t happy, thinks she deserves to have her dinner a full 30 minutes early and starts banging her food bowl against the cabinet like an angry prisoner.

While trying to save my scarves from big blue blobs of dye, I managed to slosh dye everywhere.  Clean up takes some time, a lot of paper towels, bleach, and just when I think I have got it all, I find another spot.

But now I am running behind because I also have dinner plans.  My hands are a fetching  shade of zombie blue.  I am wondering what I am going to wear because it’s raining outside, we will be walking to the restaurant so  appropriate foot wear for the rain will have to dictate my attire and what goes with blue hands anyway?

I head for the bedroom to peruse the possibilities.  I step on something very squishy.  I take another step, more squish.  I look at the bottom of my shoe and there is the largest hair ball I have ever seen clinging to the bottom of it.  More paper towels, time, and elbow grease.

I have now dined, the scarves are drip drying in the bathtub, the cats have been fed, and we are all listening to the rain while safe and dry.  Unless I find another hairball or blob of dye, everything can wait until tomorrow.

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To Hop or Not

Hey, wake up- Shop Hop started yesterday.  Time to go score some yarn and free patterns and support your local yarn shops.

Dress rehearsals next week, must do life maintainance today.  Must wash dishes.  Must sweep floor.  Must get some sleep. Must clear papers and crap off table.

Don’t you want to buy yarn?  Don’t you want a crack at winning something?  Remember last year you won a $50 gift certificate.  Could happen again and with dress rehearsals next week today is the day you have to if you’re gonna.

Must water plants.  Must go out walking before my legs atrophy.

You could walk down to the yarn store in Decatur.  Then you could hit a couple of the other stores- like the one next to the yummy bakery.  You could buy bread in the same trip.  It will save time, right?

I don’t really have time right now.  I shouldn’t spend the money and I certainly don’t need to eat an entire loaf of bread by myself.

Well maybe not all at one time, but fresh bread….mmmmmm yummy.

….Although,  I do need a couple of things for Christmas projects….

See, it’s OK, even admirable- staring projects early, maybe winning some free yarn.

Must get gas and clean my windshield.

There you go- you have to go out anyway.

Yarn? Cleaning? Yarn? Cleaning?  Guess who won?

Yes, but I’m not allowed to notice the dust bunnies kitties until next weekend.

I have a new project started:

A hat with a pattern of spiral yarn overs.  I’m using Lana Gatto Everest in a nice blue tweed which I got from a friend who was destashing.  I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen when I start to decrease for the top but I’m sure it will turn out somehow. I have faith.

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You’ve heard the Woody Allen joke that in his childhood he didn’t see any point in doing his homework because the universe is expanding and will ultimately explode thus making all endeavor futile?

Well I want to know why if chaos is the natural order of the universe why do I have to clean my house?  It’s just going to revert back to its natural state.  It’s not that I don’t like to have a tidy house.  I do.  I love hanging out here when everything is clean and dusted and all things are in their appointed place.  Plus, when it’s messy I want to escape and go shopping for new things and make remodeling plans and major changes and upsets and expenses.   I have everything I need.  Really, I do and a few things I could do without like outstanding credit card balances.

I just don’t want to spend my free time cleaning.  Especially when I just have to turn around and clean the same old things next week.

I blame the internet for this.  Not that I ever wanted to clean my house before the internet. There are, however, soooo many things on the internet more interesting than cleaning.   Every morning I see Facebook posts with interesting videos or links to fascinating websites.  Every time I search Google or Wikipedia for one thing I get diverted by some new previously unknown tidbit of information.  I’m overwhelmed.  I bookmark things so I can find them again, anticipating that sometime in the near future I’ll be able to take the time to research my family tree,  watch that video about lost tribes in Borneo, plan a trip to Prague, or read that blog that looked really interesting at the time.  Then I forget them.  When I do see the link I wonder why I bothered.  What was so interesting about that site?  Or why was it that I bookmarked Etsy 3 times? I know how to find Etsy without the bookmark, don’t I?  I have over a hundred bookmarks of stuff like this.  It’s because I  want to know all these things, to be a person who explores and learns new things and keeps up.

There’s no way I can keep up.  There’s just more information out there than my humble brain can absorb.

So even after I’ve checked my email, Facebook, my horoscope, and the lottery every morning I keep thinking there’s something I’ve missed.  Somewhere I have to navigate to next, something online that is worthy of my attention.  Like a kid who won’t stop playing a video game long enough to eat.

Just one more game search, just one more.  Then I’ll sweep the floor, I promise.

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