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Some cats, I understand, like to fling cat litter out of the box.  Some disdain to use the box if the level of cleanliness offends them in any way, preferring the closet floor or even the laundry basket.  Imp, however, is a digger.  Some days I really think she believes that she can dig all the way to China.  What she plans on doing there is anyone’s guess.

Did you ever try to dig to China?  My  childhood playmate, Melanie, was convinced by her older brother Jimmy that this was indeed possible and the two of them spent three whole summer days- from just after breakfast til too dark to see- trying to accomplish this while I stood on the side lines.   I had no doubt that a hole straight thru would come out in China (although directly opposite central California, I think, is actually  somewhere near the Seychelles) but I was quite skeptical about their ability to dig that far.  Plus, I had superior information- I knew the Earth’s center was boiling hot and they’d never survive the trip thru and said so, repeatedly.   It got deep enough that Jimmy was having some difficulty climbing out of the hole and hauling the dirt up and out was backbreaking.  Ultimately though , it wasn’t lack of enthusiasm that killed the project- Melanie’s father got tired of having big hole and a mound of dirt in his front lawn and  made Jimmy fill it in.

 Anyway, this morning the sounds of excavating coming from the cat  box had nothing to do with a finding a new route to China.  No, it turned out Imp had built something that looked suspiciously like a sandcastle, heaped up and sculpted on one side of the box, waiting for a big wave to wash it away.  I had no idea she was so creative.

 It’s been a very rainy spring here which is a blessing after several years of drought.   It also makes the spring particularly beautiful and lush.











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