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Now that I’m putting away my Stitches South treasures I’ve discovered that there’s no room at the inn:

 This is only the on display in the basket stuff-

I also have a BIG shopping bag of yarn in the closet and 2 plastic comforter size sweater bags with lace wt and Brooks Farm under my work table.  Plus, of course, 2 or more (5) wips in or about the sofa.  I don’t think I’ve quite gotten to Stash Beyond Life Expectancy, yet.  What’s that?  No really, if I knit everyday for 8 hours I could still use it up in a year…. Ok, well, I could do it in 5.  However, I may have reached Stash Beyond Functioning Adulthood and the EMTs will have to untangle me when I forget that I’m knitting and drag the yarn all thru the house then call 911 because some imaginary evil doer has booby trapped my house.   

I’m trying really hard to be faithful to my wips but the anxiety level…   the stash is big enough that using it up seems inconceivable and makes my head spin with project possibilty overload. I’m  dying to start a lace project, a couple of fun toys, something for a friend’s baby, another lace w/beads project, and, and, and… my lys is having a great contest to knit a chicken (yes, really) using  yarn purchased at the store, personalize it, and the winner gets a $25 gift certificate to the store EVERY MONTH for a year.  Only, I’d have to buy some yarn to do it and how will that help my stash problem?


Meanwhile I am slogging through, sticking my nose to the grindstone- que the Volga Boat song– trying to finish my bag before I go on to anything else.  Engineering the flap with the color work proved to be a frogging nightmare of do overs  a challenge but I  almost done with the flap and just have the never !@#$% ending strap to do.


I finished the multi directional scarf what

seems like months ago-

and in  what I think must be a subconcious need to control some aspect of my stash obsession- I’ ve been sewing.   Maybe if I sew up all the fabric, I’ll have room for the yarn, hmm.   I finished the jacket of Japanese Cotton I started last fall.  Made a linen bathing suit cover up last week and a dress from the fabric I got in Berkeley last summer today.  I also made my granddaughter this lovely blue dress:

   Not a great picture, but it makes her look like Alice in Wonderland.



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