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Bathtub Blues, version 2

So Friday morning I finally realized my landlord had indeed sent someone to fix my faucet.  It took me a while to get this because nothing was out of place. There was no leftover handyman mess like a dirty giant thumb print on the wall, or muddy boot tracks, or a little pile of rubble next to the tub.  Things seemed so normal this guy could really be a master spy.  I did notice that the tub was a little too clean but since that didn’t really bother me- I didn’t consider it evidence that someone had been ’round to fix things. My landlord, of course, didn’t bother to tell me someone would be entering my apartment while I wasn’t there.  Why would I need to know that?

No, Friday morning I finally noticed that the diverter knob was a different shape.  (I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that I wouldn’t make a good spy) I had actually already started a bath before I realized this and as the hot water was at that point, no longer hot, I didn’t try it out.

I did that Sunday morning.  The shower now works great!  The diverter slides right up and when up, no water comes out the faucet, only out of the shower head and the temperature is adjustable.  Only now when I run a bath, water streams out the shower head and it’s cold.  Water also pours out the faucet and it’s hot.  That means if I do want a bath, and sometimes I do, I can’t get into the tub while the water is running which makes it harder to get that ideal muscle soothing temperature between boiled alive and why did I bother to get in to the tub anyway luke warm.

Do you think maybe the repairman was really Elmer Fudd? Think again, not enough damage and no shotgun blasts… or maybe Maxwell Smart?


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The Elusive Lilith poses

It seems like Lilith is a little jealous of all the attention her more adventurous companion gets and finally made herself available for a photo shoot.

She’s a little shy and well, someone in her past was not kind.  You will note that she always shows her best side to the camera.  The light shows thru her poor little scarred ear where she has no hair.  Maybe someday she’ll learn that we love her anyway.


Of course, her royal sneakiness, Imp is lurking, just waiting for a chance to steal the limelight.

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The Purse Dilemma

Yesterday morning I left the house with 3 large bags.

How did this happen?  

OK, I can hear the chuckling and the derisive snort.  Especially from the Moms.

But I haven’t been the mother of a child who needed moist wipes, crayons and a place to put captured ladybugs for some time.

And I hate to carry things.  That’s why I buy clothes with pockets.  My purse is for money, credit cards, ID, and lip gloss.  

I also can’t stand to fumble around in a big bag looking for what I need while the line behind me at the check out gets longer.  Flash the debit card and go is my thing.

I used to have a wallet bag.  It was perfect.  Then I got a cell phone.  It wouldn’t fit.

I moved up to a simple somewhat bigger bag.  Then I had to have a wallet for money and credit cards  because even the bags that had slots inside for cards had no place for change and no way to keep work related receipts from mingling with random scraps of paper.

Since I had a bigger bag I also began carrying a folding umbrella- because, really, it’s foolish to go anywhere in Atlanta without an umbrella no matter what the weather man said.

Then I changed jobs and began to take my lunch to work, and a bottle of water, and a snack, or 2 or  sometimes 3 snacks.

 I started taking my phone charger with me too because my phone had a bad habit of running out juice just when I really needed it.

I started taking a second bag for the overflow- lunch, phone charger, and so on.

Then when I was carless for a couple of months I got tired of lugging 2 bags everywhere.  I kept noticing these really great looking big bags on the shoulders of the young and tres chic

I moved up to the really big bag and guess what?  Everything and my knitting fit.

So why do I now have 3 bags?

Because yesterday I had to run some opera errands on my way into work and I can’t handle digging under a container of yogurt, a lean cuisine, a orange, and my knitting to find my wallet.  Plus, the yogurt and lean cuisine in close proximity to my knitting seems like a bad idea.  Then, I needed more than 1 knitting project to take to Knitch last night and I could either take 2 extra bags or have to fumble around in the knitting looking for the food and vice versa.

So, it’s off to work I go, 3 bags full, one for the money, one for the food, one for the knitting.


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 It was one of those mornings…

The kind that make you want to throw everything out window and just walk away- preferably onto a sunny beach with cabana boys and umbrella drinks.

It started with the shower.  I live in a charming old apartment building from the 20’s.  It has character.  It has quirks.  I’ve learned to live with this so I know if I want a shower in the morning I need to do it before anyone else is up.  So at some hour before dawn when it is too early to cope with anything- I arose and headed to the bathroom.

Now lately, the doo hickey that diverts the water from the faucet to the shower head hasn’t really been doing it’s job.  Water comes out the shower head but some still runs out the faucet too. This morning was no exception.  So once I achieved what I thought was an acceptable water temperature I flipped up the diverter and stepped in.  The water was a tad hotter than desirable and I turned up the cold.  The water became hotter.  I turned up the cold.  Cold water is now pouring out of the faucet onto my feet but the water cascading over my tender body parts from the shower is blistering hot. I hit the diverter because really, my skin was in danger of peeling off.  I tried again- cold feet HOT TAMALE!!!! It finally sunk in that it was not a good idea to stand under the shower.  I gave up and took a bath in what was now tepid water because, of course, I had used all the hot up.

What this really means, is that I have to call my landlord.  Now I don’t dislike my landlord- for one thing he was willing to rent to me in spite of the fact that I don’t really have verifiable income.  It’s just that he has this relaxed stick-a-bandaid-on-it kinda attitude about fixing things.  When I do call him, he almost always says, “Well… you know it’s an old building” and then if it isn’t a fire hazard, an actual leaky pipe, or a cave in (yes, really, upstairs about a year ago) he can just pretend there really isn’t anything wrong.  I’ve been asking him to fix my windows so I can open more than one of them since I moved in 4 years ago.  So I’m guessing that my shower head is now a purely decorative object.

Then because it’s impossible for just one thing to go wrong-I lost my watch.  I don’t wear it on the weekends but I always put it in the same place.  Only I moved everything to wash the tablecloth and it wasn’t where I expected it to be when I went to put it on this morning.  I checked the bedside table.  I checked the top of the buffet where I leave my son’s mail.  I checked the table next to the sofa.  I looked under all the papers and books and knitting.  I looked in my purse.  I looked in the kitchen amongst the dirty dishes.  I looked under the blow dryer in the bathroom.

I was forced to conclude that it had somehow been swept into the trash when I was cleaning the table.  I picked out the garbage bit by bit.  I  went thru the onion peels, coffee grounds, junk mail, and did I mention that I cleaned out my refridgerator on Monday?  Rotten vegitables.  


Maybe if I had done this before I scalded myself in the shower I’d feel like it was worth it.  Since all the creepy kitchen trash slime would have been boiled cleaned off.

The watch wasn’t there anyway.  It was under my purse.

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I have discovered that some bloggers post a picture of the sky when they are out of things to say.  Some of them do it every week as a regular feature.

Now I like pretty pictures as well as the next person and I can understand why one might do such a thing occasionally, over the course of a year or so.  It also certainly makes sense if your blog is about photography.

 But I’m feeling that it is just a tad unfair to post a picture of the sky and nothing else.  It’s NaBloPoMo!  There are prizes and fame and bragging rights at stake.  Write something for Pete’s sake.

Besides pictures of the sky- some bloggers fall back on memes, or You Tube Videos, or LOL Cats- I don’t really get why this is easier than writing something original but then it took me 3 days to figure out how to get the NaBloPoMo button on my sidebar.  I’m guessing November would be long gone and I’d still be sitting here trying to post a video and swearing at the computer.

But then, I never understood why anyone needed Cliff Notes either-it always seemed easier to just read the book. 

Having had my rant, here’s this:

You will note that it’s more than a picture of the sky- there’s some tree there.  Because I like a little substance to my posts.

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The Tower of Babel Cat

Imp, her high and mightyness, mistress of her universe, likes to survey her world from a lofty perch.

All week I have been piling stuff up on the bedroom chair.  This is not an unusual occurrence but this week the pile is extra tall.

So, of course, the empress, must rest above the crowd.  All hail Queen Imp!


Queen Imp
A revolution may be in the works, however.  A complete picture shows just how precariously she sits on her throne:
I guess it’s true what they say about Royalty:  Uneasy lies the butt head that sleeps with a crown.

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I have given up all thoughts of a Fall trip to North Georgia.  I am just too wigged out and tired to drive anywhere and frankly, I’m enjoying November just fine right where I am.  Decatur still has plenty of fall color and I even love it when it’s gloomy and rainy out- preferably inside with a warm cup o’ something in my hand but a walk or a drive in the rain can turn out to be an unexpected pleasure too.

Adrina spent the weekend with me and we walked over to Sheepish to fondle some yarn and get Grandma some needles she wants needs.  Then stopped at the playground behind the Rec center where we wore out the swings (“My most favoritest thing to do at the park”- Adrina) and checked out the community garden.  On the way home we gathered up a few colorful leaves.  

Back home I got out my leaf press, which I hadn’t used in several years, so we could save them.

Inside were some old leaves from a long forgotten Autumn. (Doesn’t that sound nostalgic and sweet?  They’re probably from 2004.) All turned brown and brittle but lovely shapes.  

After putting our new finds in the press and screwing it shut, we used the old ones as stencils and made some pretty Fall cards.









How cool is that?  I couldn’t have had a better day in the mountains and  I’ll have some lovely pressed leaves to remember it.

Guess I’ll just get my apples from the Farmer’s Market.

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