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Bathtub Blues, version 2

So Friday morning I finally realized my landlord had indeed sent someone to fix my faucet.  It took me a while to get this because nothing was out of place. There was no leftover handyman mess like a dirty giant thumb print on the wall, or muddy boot tracks, or a little pile of rubble next to the tub.  Things seemed so normal this guy could really be a master spy.  I did notice that the tub was a little too clean but since that didn’t really bother me- I didn’t consider it evidence that someone had been ’round to fix things. My landlord, of course, didn’t bother to tell me someone would be entering my apartment while I wasn’t there.  Why would I need to know that?

No, Friday morning I finally noticed that the diverter knob was a different shape.  (I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that I wouldn’t make a good spy) I had actually already started a bath before I realized this and as the hot water was at that point, no longer hot, I didn’t try it out.

I did that Sunday morning.  The shower now works great!  The diverter slides right up and when up, no water comes out the faucet, only out of the shower head and the temperature is adjustable.  Only now when I run a bath, water streams out the shower head and it’s cold.  Water also pours out the faucet and it’s hot.  That means if I do want a bath, and sometimes I do, I can’t get into the tub while the water is running which makes it harder to get that ideal muscle soothing temperature between boiled alive and why did I bother to get in to the tub anyway luke warm.

Do you think maybe the repairman was really Elmer Fudd? Think again, not enough damage and no shotgun blasts… or maybe Maxwell Smart?


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