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The Purse Dilemma

Yesterday morning I left the house with 3 large bags.

How did this happen?  

OK, I can hear the chuckling and the derisive snort.  Especially from the Moms.

But I haven’t been the mother of a child who needed moist wipes, crayons and a place to put captured ladybugs for some time.

And I hate to carry things.  That’s why I buy clothes with pockets.  My purse is for money, credit cards, ID, and lip gloss.  

I also can’t stand to fumble around in a big bag looking for what I need while the line behind me at the check out gets longer.  Flash the debit card and go is my thing.

I used to have a wallet bag.  It was perfect.  Then I got a cell phone.  It wouldn’t fit.

I moved up to a simple somewhat bigger bag.  Then I had to have a wallet for money and credit cards  because even the bags that had slots inside for cards had no place for change and no way to keep work related receipts from mingling with random scraps of paper.

Since I had a bigger bag I also began carrying a folding umbrella- because, really, it’s foolish to go anywhere in Atlanta without an umbrella no matter what the weather man said.

Then I changed jobs and began to take my lunch to work, and a bottle of water, and a snack, or 2 or  sometimes 3 snacks.

 I started taking my phone charger with me too because my phone had a bad habit of running out juice just when I really needed it.

I started taking a second bag for the overflow- lunch, phone charger, and so on.

Then when I was carless for a couple of months I got tired of lugging 2 bags everywhere.  I kept noticing these really great looking big bags on the shoulders of the young and tres chic

I moved up to the really big bag and guess what?  Everything and my knitting fit.

So why do I now have 3 bags?

Because yesterday I had to run some opera errands on my way into work and I can’t handle digging under a container of yogurt, a lean cuisine, a orange, and my knitting to find my wallet.  Plus, the yogurt and lean cuisine in close proximity to my knitting seems like a bad idea.  Then, I needed more than 1 knitting project to take to Knitch last night and I could either take 2 extra bags or have to fumble around in the knitting looking for the food and vice versa.

So, it’s off to work I go, 3 bags full, one for the money, one for the food, one for the knitting.



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