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I have given up all thoughts of a Fall trip to North Georgia.  I am just too wigged out and tired to drive anywhere and frankly, I’m enjoying November just fine right where I am.  Decatur still has plenty of fall color and I even love it when it’s gloomy and rainy out- preferably inside with a warm cup o’ something in my hand but a walk or a drive in the rain can turn out to be an unexpected pleasure too.

Adrina spent the weekend with me and we walked over to Sheepish to fondle some yarn and get Grandma some needles she wants needs.  Then stopped at the playground behind the Rec center where we wore out the swings (“My most favoritest thing to do at the park”- Adrina) and checked out the community garden.  On the way home we gathered up a few colorful leaves.  

Back home I got out my leaf press, which I hadn’t used in several years, so we could save them.

Inside were some old leaves from a long forgotten Autumn. (Doesn’t that sound nostalgic and sweet?  They’re probably from 2004.) All turned brown and brittle but lovely shapes.  

After putting our new finds in the press and screwing it shut, we used the old ones as stencils and made some pretty Fall cards.









How cool is that?  I couldn’t have had a better day in the mountains and  I’ll have some lovely pressed leaves to remember it.

Guess I’ll just get my apples from the Farmer’s Market.


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