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Here and only here, an exclusive interview with  a most sought after celebrity- the costume shop elf.

We caught up with CS Elf as he was trying to slide back into his hiding spot behind the fabric boxes in the costume shop.

“Aw, you caught me” he said  “I thought I was safe because the costume shop staff is all at the theatre for dress rehearsals.  I never get a break. Here I am, sneaking out for a little nosh and a chance to kick back and put my feet up and I get nabbed.”

Does that mean I get 3 wishes?  I said

“Naw, I’m not a leprechaun.  There’s no pot of gold here, only fabric and thread.”

Does that mean you could score me some fabric?  I’d love some nice silk,  a soft blue or green maybe?

He pulled something in a mustard and fushia print out of one of the boxes and said “Here, knock yourself out.”

So, if I needed help sewing this up, I could just leave it out for you and tomorrow morning it would be done, right?

“Well, it’s not that easy” he replied.  “I got responsiblities.  I got notes from rehearsal to do and have you seen this place?  It’s a disaster.  I hate when they just grab the costumes, run to the theatre and leave me with the mess. You can leave me some treats, though and I’ll see what I can do for ya.”


“Well chocolate is the best, but if I have to I’ll take pretzels or cookies.  Donuts, though, they’re always stale by the time I get any.  Bagels, too hard.  And what’s up with the fruit?  Bananas and apples are ok I guess, but grapes…. sheshz… after a couple of days they get flies, ya know what I mean? And those fat free muffins, yuk.  Who thought those were a good idea?”

Do you have any chocolate preferences?

“Naw, any kind will do. Except Tootsie Rolls- not really chocolate and they stick to my teeth.  What I like best is when the costume designers are on diets, though”

Diets?  What do the designers on diets have to with it.

“Well, you see, they aren’t supposed to have any themselves but they want it real bad.  So they become pushers- dangling it in front of the stitchers and then getting high themselves off the fumes.  Nothing but the primo stuff for them too- Chocolate covered macadamia nuts, truffles, dark chocolate with rasberries….you get the picture.”  

What about cake?

“Only if it’s fresh- you can keep that leftover birthday stuff.  A nice Tiramisu though, that’ll get me in the mood for some mighty fine sewing.”

Ok, good to know.  Now I’m going to ask the question on everyone’s mind- What’s up with your cousin the Knitting Fairy?  Seems like she was in the news every week and now we haven’t heard so much.  Have you seen her lately?  What’s she up to?

“Well, I hate to say it but she got in with a bad crowd.  It was that Frog, dontcha know.  She just did too much rippit, rippit, rippit, every night.  You just can’t keep that up.  Once you start- it’s really hard to stop.  Tangles everything up and before you know it, you have to do some serious unwinding. Not to mention picking up the stitches, so to speak,  and starting over. She had to take a little time out.   The whole family was worried, you know, real worried… but I think she’s worked it out. 

She seems ready to make a new start-  She’s working on some really great new stuff, really great yarn and she’s getting lots of support from those folks at Ravelry.”  

You know we all hope for the best for her.

Well, I’ll let you get back to your R&R- it sounds like you’ve got a big week coming up.

“Yeah, dress rehearsals are murder”

Thanks so much for talking to us today.


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