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Oh come on…

I have been getting friendly little letters, personalized mind you, from my credit card companies.   They say things like: “We feel you may not be aware of all the benefits of your card” and go on to list the various ways I can use my card to spend more money with them.

What?  You’re not already making enough from the interest you charge me on what I’ve already spent with you?

Because I haven’t been using most of my credit cards for close to a year- way before the economy took a nose dive into the toilet.

I am also getting now email questionaires from online retailers I sometimes shop with in a effort to find out why I haven’t bought anything lately.

Get real people!  Have you been paying attention?  We are out of money.  I’m not spending what I have left- I suspect I might need it for food, housing, and health care and oh yeah, credit card bills.  Because I need to manage my money a whole lot better than all of you in the financial sector seemed to have.  Changing your product line to “better suit” my needs will not get me back in the store.  Unless it’s free, then I might consider it.


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