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I’m going to post every day

I am. I am.  I signed up for NaBloPoMo-  National Blog Posting Month.  I signed up because I’d really like to try NaNoWriMo- National Novel Writing Month whose participants attempt to write a complete novel between Nov 1 and Nov 30 that is at least 50,000 words long.  

That would mean that I would have to write about 2000 words a day.  Actually, it works out to 1666.66 words a day, only I know I’d have to write more to cover myself on the day or two that I just can’t get to the computer- dress rehearsal days and maybe Thanksgiving and the evening it takes me 2 hours to get home because 4 million cars blew up on the expressway.  So that’s 2000 words a day, eat sleep, do laundry, grocery shop, work, knit, go to dress rehearsals at the opera, commute, cook Thanksgiving Dinner- in short- live my life as usual and produce a substantial amount of prose.  

Somehow when I envision writing my first novel novel, said writing takes place at one of those retreat places where writers and artists of promise are given grants to hang out in a beautiful setting with privacy, rustic but lovely accommodations (in my mind they are aways Arts and Crafts style- warm wood, a great fireplace, exposed beams, Stickley furniture), a great desk, and meals provided.  Of course, I never actually envision my self sitting at the desk writing anything because, frankly, if I did ever get a grant to do that- I’d probably spend all day puttering about in the idyllic scenery, eat way too much free food, and never write anything.

I can, if I have to, however, I think manage 200 words a day.  And keep my life going, I hope and then maybe, just maybe, next year I can try 500 words?

Location: and we’re off and running!


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First you start with this likely suspect:

I like them with some character- no little round boring ones.  Sometimes if you want character though, you have to put up with a few flaws- hence, the dent on one side which I hope will give him a suitably sinister expression.

Then you get this:

Ewwww….. pumpkin guts.

Then after some hard work you have this:

While I was doing this I had a moment of unreality- you know, one of those flashes of insight that leave me, anyway, feeling like I’ve landed in an alternative universe.

One of my life goals has been to become the adult who would embarrass (such a perfect word- embarrass- made up of roots like bare and ass) my adult children or in my case child.  I would have too- if he’d been there.  I put on some tunes and went after that helpless pumpkin with the carving knife singing along with Janice Joplin the whole time, made a huge mess, and then in a moment of channelling all my frugal female ancestors-  I used the bits I scraped out of the pumpkin to make soup.  And toasted the seeds. And ate them.  

Does that make me a punkin zombie?

Tonight my flawed work of genius (not the kid-who is out with his daughter trick or treating- but  the pumpkin) is sitting in the window for the amusement of passers by.  Imp seems to be very excited about all the activity outside and has been sitting next to him making the perfect Halloween picture- the black cat and the Jack O’lantern- but when I tried to catch a candid shot I got this instead:



Spooky Kitty- don’t want to meet that in the cemetery at night.

                                Or this:


Location:  Rocking Out

Music:  Janis Joplin, Piece of my Heart

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